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SA Coaching @ Champions Sunday Sept 2

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny O, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. S.A. Coaching @ Champions Sunday Sept 2

    Just giving you guys in SA a heads-up, Champions will be at Mallala on Sunday Sept 2, they only have one rider booked in for tuition on the day, if you want some personal tuition to get faster, smoother & safer get in on it.
  2. The weather forecast for Mallala is looking fantastic for this weekend.
  3. Is there anyone heading to this that has a spare trailer spot for a little CBR125R?
  4. Wow 22 & Sunny for Mallala on Sunday, it's gunna be a great day!! :)
  5. Beats the hell out of 8 degrees and rain at broadford the other week!
  6. weather was awesome yesterday!

    few minor slip ups from what I could see but I don't think there was any major damage or injuries.

    it was a pity about the state of the track first thing in the morning though; drift cars had been out the day before and there was oil pretty much everywhere. Turn 3 exit was particularly bad. Kudos to the guys who obviously worked as hard as they could to tidy it up and make it safe for us.

    I was just happy to spend a day at the track and not crash :D
  7. Yeh was a great day, the track was a mess in the morning from the drift cars the previous day but cleaned up ok.

    My students came a long way during the day, it was their first track day but by the end of the day they looked fantastic; better than most of the riders in red & green group and even some of the riders in blue; it really amazes me that riders don't get some simple tuition; they could go faster with less effort and be much safer.
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  8. i really cant wait to do the track day course... was all set to do it until i dropped my GSR600
    currently rebuilding it and as soon as its done ill be there as it is going to be set up as a track bike and the new one as my cruiser and weekend tourer... :)