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[SA] City through to the Barrossa Ride, Sun Sep 10th

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: EACRUISER

    Where: Scenic tour to Barossa and back again

    Meet at the Burnside Town Hall. (corner of Greenhill Rd and Portrush Rd)

    TIME: Meet 9.45am for a 10.00am Start

    COST: No charge – BYO petrol, lunch and anything else you require.

    WHO: Anybody wi...

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  2. I know Fluffy Bunny Feet is up for it.

    I am up for it as well.

    Planning on having the group meet us northerners, further north on there way through to the barrossa to allow Fred_Kroft a chance to join up.

    We will talk about it at coffee night on wednesday.
  3. Tony & I will try to come but not sure what we've got on sunday
    will get back to you.
  4. I'm in. It sounds like they will head east (greenhill, Montacute etc).

    I will probably join later on if the route is known. If not, then I'll go to Burnside
    for the start line.
  5. At last,a ride I might be able to join, seemed to be always busy other rides and couldn't make it,this one looks promising,hope to tag along and meet some netriders,
  6. No worries dude. You'll love it.

    If we go past Vinecrest wines, I might pick up a few bottles of their Ruby port. I bought
    a bottle a few weeks ago, and it was the best port I have ever tasted (and I am not a
    port drinker).
  7. hmmmm am i ready for it? id like to think so. ill consult my schedule and hopefully be there...

    speak wednesday....
  8. port...... ok.. even if i tag along a long way back... ill be in for some good port....

    fred croft.. wat rpice range.. ill bring a back pack...

    im goingt o the show tomorow ( for the second time) just to buy some port... as i bought a couple bottles tonight.... not enuff it seems..
  9. I am interested in the price of the port as well.
  10. simon want me to pick up a bottle of this black current port for you today?

    going price is 15$ a bottle.

    i gotta pay 17$ to get in tho, so might add a couplebucks on for door charges ;)

    i went yesterday.. im only going back today because i kinda.... finsihed thebottle last night.....
  11. Yeah mate, get me one if you can.

    I don't mind paying a bit more for the entry costs a bottle.
  12. grabbed one for ya. will bring it with me tonight...

    must a been the quickest trip to the show on record.. walk in.... straight to the pavillion buy port. walk out....

    hmm blackcurrent port...
  13. im in for saturday

    hey ive been to vinecrest

    i brought a box of there 2004 cav sav

    there stuff is really good

    i will be in for the ride but in the arvo i will be heading home to watch the crows win


    ea crusier i havent seen you out for a while what you been up to
  14. I have been out riding, I was probably been going too fast for you to see me.

    Blink of an eye and all that.

    Just have to get into all of the rides again dazza, i am usually on every single one.

    Never need an excuse for a ride.
  15. I think it was something silly like $14 or something.

    BTW, I have posted the announcement on aus.moto and the defence cycle folder
    just to shake a few trees.

  16. a mate dropped my bike last night. standing still off balance drop to the left, snapped part of my clucth lever off, but still rideable, will try n replace lever if i get time to buy one from show n go, if not.. theres enuff ot be used..

    looking fwd to this :D
  17. sorry to hear your friend dropping your bike mate. that is why i dont let anyone on my bike or ride it. :)
    hope you fix it before the ride.
  18. Bugger!

    Almost any bike shop will have a matching one on the wall mate... The same thing happened to me twice when i owned the poor girl :p both times mates didnt have the stand down properly when they moved it and both times it broke that clutch lever...
  19. Unfortunately I may not be on the ride boys. The starter clutch wouldnt throw in last night and I had to trailer the bike home from work... Got home and it started 1st go... @#$%^$@^

    Gonna try replace the starter clutch on Saturday, along with the bottom end gasket we never touched, and weld that mammoth hole in my exhaust that made me sound so beefy on Wednesday night lol!

    Along with changing the fork seals and trying to whack some paint on her I don't think I will be ready by Sunday... but here's hoping huh?!
  20. no chance to pick up the clucth lever today or tomorow, working 7:30-5:30 seals that deal,

    BUT its rideable as t is, nice 3 finger clucth lever there left for usage. doesnt feel to bad either.... who knows... could just file its smooth n leave as is :p

    sorry to hear that trent, u being one of the first to accept me into this dam thing called netrider... the coffee nights... oh... and i bought your old bike..... it would of been a pleasure to go for a ride with ya!