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(SA) Chain of Ponds

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Funky Munky, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. The chain of Ponds has got to be one of the best roads in SA in my opinion. Smooth asphalt, low and high speed corners and great scenery (not that you'd be looking that much anyway). Pity that so many cars use this road.

    Gorge road is a bit too dangerous in my opinion, plus the road is in fcuked condition.
  2. But if you went through it on a postie bike at full throttle it's fantastic!! Even managed to enjoy the view as well and keep up with the boys :D
  3. You are right, but don't under estimate it.It has taken out many of over enthusistic motorcyclists. :( :(

    Apparently it has been done up for a cycling event over there and is now perfect for motorcycles. 8)

    People in the Eastern States would'nt understand just how dammed good the Adelaide Hill just are.From the bottom to the top!

    Why are we discussing this any way.... I thought that it was a secret? :LOL:
  4. Too many cops on Gorge road now too. I saw three in stationary cops with lasers in along its length, to Cuddly Creak in the summer.

    There are plenty of nice rides in the hills though with less of a blue presence.

    Chain of Ponds road is an ace ride though.
  5. 20 years ago the Gorge road and Chain of Ponds was the centre piece for Adelaide motorcyclists, way to many of us have died on those two section but damn they are GREAT roads.
    Strath to Macclesfield (speling) is another great area to
  6. Cuddly Creek, heeheehehe that is such a cool name..

    I remember going there when I was a little kids, back in the '50's. It was such a nice place.
  7. Quaint even.
  8. But what about down south?

    The full length of the Flerieu from Goolwa up!

    [Oh sorry its a secret , I forgot!]
  9. i don't find the gorge too bad ;). i like the gorge, because
    no one uses it.
  10. We have riden out the gorge road on the pushies a few times on a sunday arvo. The first time I didn't realise how many bikes were out there, They certainly looked like they were having fun !!

    They said at the top that they saw us and knew we were there, but it definatly didn't feel like it :D

    That whole area would make a great ride and the roads are in good condition (considering the SA roads)
  11. You've got to be kidding, have you been there on a weekend? It's more of a follow-the-leader road on a sunny day there's so many bikes on there!
    Good thing most of them are quick :wink:

    AS for Chain of Ponds :D :D :D :D :D
    Any road that you can get airborne on gets the nod from me :eek:
    Never seen any boys in blue either, the same can't be said for the Gorge :(
  12. One of the best kept secrets is the Range Rd from Delamere to Victor.
    It is mostly long sweepers and lovely views of ocean and wineries. Hardly ever used by men wearing blue and so far lower than average fatalities .It would be easy to over extend yourself but it is 50k's of paradise riding.
  13. I was out on range rd late Sun afternoon, thinking I'd have the road to myself. Suprised to find 1 camera setting up and another focker open for business, tucked in tight 10km futher on.
    First time l'd seen anything out there. WTF.
  14. Your sure right there . I have never even seen a patrol car.
    Bad news that!!!!
  15. I've ridden Gorge Rd. several times in the the last couple of weeks... up to Birdwood and the back down along North East Road... Stopping at the Cuddlee Creek Cafe for coffee... :cool:
    By far my fav. ride at the moment... if you want to beat the traffic, and the 'fockers' get up with the sun and ride early :grin:
    I'll prob be doing the ride again on Sunday morning if anyones interested in joining me...
  16. Was up Gorge road other Sunday on my own and didnt see a single copper about, i do have to add not only is chain of ponds. mad mile and gorge road fun as hell, but another of my all time fav roads is Bull Creek Road ( when no other cars are on it). they just need more pull off lanes for those that do 40k/h while i wanna do maybe a 90k/h more then that...
  17. These roads are good and so are the ambo's who drive them picking up the over enthusiastic.
    Whats worse though is the fact that some of the antics on these popular roads are the cause of the new and more restrictive legislation we are all going to have to live with.
    I am all for having fun but in the proper place. Not public roads.
  18. Who said we were having fun in a bad way?

    Were riding the road having fun not being abosolute f wits about it, yer ok i see them out and about but i aint one of them...

    We all come undone eventually and on some of these roads most the time its from other vechiles, ive known alot people go these roads and alot including myself have been or very closey been taken out by cars, not doing the correct thing.

    I have a track bike and use it for that purpose to carve it up a little not on the roads....
  19. I don't mean every one. But I am sure you know that even in Motorcycling there are idiots.
    We don't need to be taking risks to be undone by some jerk in a tin lid.
    But a good example on Marion Rd at 6.30am in the dark in the wet a dill lane splitting scared the crapper out of me going at least twice as fast as I and cutting up the traffic moving at the more than legal speed any way and then nearly lost it braking for a red light on the wet road markings.
    So guess who is watching all this. The non riding voting public and guess who is going to support more restrictive legislation because hoons in cars and on bikes show off in traffic or car parks and shopping centres. Like the goon in King William street the city doing front wheel endos on a Saturday morning or the flipper on the trail bike who rear end a car because he lost control of his motorcycle doing a wheelie in peak hour.
    As for the good roads enjoy them yes and I love my speed and lifestyle. I just don't want it jeopardised any more
  20. I must say i saw a guy today riding along and just put both hands down by his side while going past a ute.... im like what the???

    i ride to my ability and be the safest i can be, and there is poeple out there like everything and ruin it for others. Car drivers hate us and quite frankly unless another person rides too they arnt too sure about us as people.

    I was at the lights down near city other weekend with my boyfriend, we had a green aroow which we proceded through., the car opposite side had green arrow, so we turn right he turns left, thats all good till he goes are dam i dont want to turn and heads towards us, now hes in the wrong not unless but who cares when your smasked up or dead whose in the wrong... anyway he headed towards my bf and braked heavily myh bf took off, and then the car hit the gas again only to be looking at me, closest ive been to side on hit ever, seriously i was lucky to have half a meter between me and the car..

    u can ride as safe as u like but u never will be 100% safe.

    Yes we all do crazy things at times, and i agree theres crazy people riding out there and i see them on these roads, like gorge road bunch boy races out the other weekend, all i can say is good luck guys...