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SA: Can they really fine me?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by speedysnaill, May 15, 2007.

  1. Hey all, just a question about motorbike parking in SA. So here's the scenario;

    I go to Uni SA at Mawson Lakes, they have a number of car parks, all with ticket machines. One of the car parks has a chain-link fence running diagonally along one edge. Along this fence there are triangle-shaped parks which cars can't fit into, but which motorbikes can (they cut a car park space diagonally inhalf, basically). They are not walkways, nor if a motorbike was parked there would it be restricting access in any way. There once were signs painted on the ground saying 'no parking', but they have been painted over in black and are almost impossible to read.

    I returned to my motorbike after 7hrs or something ridiculous at uni and there was a $25 fine on my bike claiming that my offence was "parking improperly". HUH?!?!? Please explain? Do you think I have a reasonable argument NOT to pay this? It's free space in a car park that cars can't actually fit in, and they want to fine me for "parking improperly". Fair enough if they said I didn't pay for the park (which I didn't, but...?)

    Cheers! :cool:

  2. you parked in their parking area under their rules so basically yes.

    is this possibly an emergency access in case an ambo has to get in which would be compulsory under council regulations?
  3. No, it's seriously like right up against a fence line, nowhere near any exits, walkways, ticket machines, or anything. It's basically free space and is not being used for anything. The thing that gets me is that the "no parking" sign which they DID have, they have painted over, so it doesn't actually say that you can't park there....
  4. Take that argument up with em. If its not marked as a designated park place
    then maybe thats good enough for em to book ya.

    BTW in case you werent aware, universities Australia wide have law enacted
    which empowers them with the ability to issue infringements notices.
  5. there is also local council laws, which govern carparks saying that you need X disabled, x emergency etc. etc. per total car parking area. the loophole is that they dont actually have to be convenient or sensible :) you mention that this parking space is up against a fence etc? perfect! use that as the loophole, and keep a better one open for fee paying cagers ;)
  6. They need you to pay the fine. Universities aren't government funded anymore you know. :wink:
  7. :LOL: Seany.

    Look at it as helping your Uni out with a small cash donation.
  8. If it was at uni, chances are it wasnt a parking inspector it was just on campus security so i wouldnt even bother paying it.
  9. If it was me I'd just giggle and throw it away. You're not obstructing anyone, anything, in any way, and fining you for it is ridiculous. As a counter argument, do they provide adequate motorcycle parking? If not just say so, and tell em to get lost until they provide it.
  10. Take a photo of your bike parked there - send it to the administration asking exactly why you should NOT park there (put the onus back on them for a reason) especially if there is no adequate bike parking available.

    Also send a copy to your University newspaper/magazine. Most Uni administrations don't like confrontation over minor issues - if you make a stand they'll probably back down. :wink:
  11. Yep.

    Or you could torch the uni.
  12. It's Mawson Lakes campus of UniSA - you'd be improving the average standard of Autralian Tertiary Institutions if you did that... :p :LOL:
  13. Except for the fact that Universitys won't let you graduate if you still have an outstanding debt. Definately worth contesting especially if they're not providing any specific motorcycle parking.
  14. Yes I'd thought of that actually, but I very much doubt they'd have records of student regos.
  15. Yeah good point, I've no idea if they'd have the authority to get your details from the SA equivalent of Vicroads or not. I still reckon either contesting the fine, or paying it, would be a better option than just ignoring it and hoping it goes away though.
  16. At this stage, private companies cannot access records from SA transport, thus can't obtain driver details, address etc. Therefore, if you get a parking fine from a private company or institution that has no access to government (or local coucil) files, you don't have to pay the fine as they've got no way to trace you.

    However, as the Uni is a government(ish) institution, they may have access to rego details. I would still contest it though, it's not like you were blocking anyone elses way, the only thing they might get you on is not buying/displaying a parking ticket.
  17. Your right.
    But given that.....its not so much that you dont have to pay the fine, but rather that they just cant follow it up so you get away with it.
  18. You could just write a letter saying that you didn't realise and it wont happen again yadda yadda yadda (that's usually worked in the past for at the least the first infringement notices at Uni's).

    But, UniSA at Mawson Lakes do have specific bike parking areas. While they do require you to have a parking permit, the permit is free (they were going to charge for them this year but a few people kicked up a fuss cos it went against the uni's bylaws).

    So my advice, is yes they can do that (which does suck), but write a letter to the address on the fine with an excuse and they should let you off.
    Then you can go get a bike parking permit and not worry about getting any more fines.

    BTW the parking info for UniSA can be found here:
  19. Oh, forgot to add as well, that the UniSA parks at Mawson Lakes are considered private (as they close them off between Christmas and Ne Years to retain this classification).
  20. I've posted something similar in another thread.
    So briefly,

    There are certain conditions they need to meet before they can fine you.

    If "security" are issuing fines "just ignore it, they can't get your details" is the biggest crock of shit I've heard to date.

    It is illegal to issue fines just for the sake of it and them just relying on the "gullibility" of students to pay the fines.

    If the Uni is correctly sign posted and the carparks are covered by the correct signage then local bylaws apply.

    Contest it. Take a photo of the signs when you enter the carpark, take a pic of the spot that you were parked in and post them up here.