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[SA] Blat to Barossa, Sun Dec 17th

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Fred Kroft

    Join me for a ride to the Barossa. I want to pickup some port at one of the Wineries.

    Day: Sunday 17 DEC

    Location: BP Goldern Grove.

    Time: kick off at 11AM.

    It will be a nice easy ride. All welcome, we won't leave you behind.
    We'll taylor ...

    ... more

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  2. If I had known the Mallala Track day was on, I would have set it on another weekend ;(

    I wish somebody had said something earlier.
  3. Was wondering if this ride is still happening
  4. Hi RD,

    Yep. Absolutely.

    My plan is to be at the meeting point.

    If no one turns up, I'll price it to the winery, buy my bottles of goon, and then
    price it out to Mallala (pop up in Mallala at about 1'ish).

    If people turn up, then I'll ask them what they want to do.

    I ended up announcing this ride on here, ozsportsbikes, the Defence motorcycle folder,
    and club-E.

    It was a bummer that this date clashes. The peanut locking the folder in
    General didn't help manners. I am sure if that didn't happen, the natural
    discussion flow would have revealed the event clash.

    Anyway... with the meet propagated to so many groups, it would have created
    confusion and low confidence if I changed it. There are some frequent riders
    that attend riders that are not members of netrider (who get meet info via
    word of mouth). it's normally these people that turn up. .. so, I have them in mind.

    Next time, we'll definately need more discussion on rde meets so this sort
    of thing doesn't happen again.


  5. got drunk.. woke up at lunch...

    hope its a good ride!
  6. It was great. Me and RD belted down some roads with no traffic.
    We ended up at Mallala at about 1:30pm. EA and AF2AF3 was there.
    we watched the racing till 5, then we all split.

    It was a good day ;)