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SA bikie laws - the backlash starts

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by edgelett, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. well yestreday while my boyfriend was riding home from work, something interesting happened.
    He was on his VFR800, in a full face helmet, jacket & draggins.
    some clown pulled up next to him at the lights in his car, wound down his window & said 'you fcuking bikies make me sick'

    BF says 'what?'
    cager says 'you're all fcuking criminals. should be in jail'
    BF says 'actually I have an australia wide government security clearance, how about you'
    Cager says '........well that doesn't matter, you're a drug dealer & criminal, get off the fcuking road'
    BF says' and what the hell are you going to do about it?'
    Cagers starts to get out the car 'i'll show you what i'm going to fcuking do about it!!'
    lights turn green
    BF says 'here i'll give you something to really biatch about' and pops a wheelie as he blasts away.

    i wish i was suprised to hear that cagers are now assuming ALL riders are ciminals, but i;m not.......
  2. Was he on drugs?

    That's strange behaviour to confuse Tony's VFR800 with a patch club.
  3. Without a qualification inserted, it sounds like you are referring to "ALL" cagers, or at least "most" or "many"....

    (That is, your complaint is a bit close to his way of thinking.)

    Sounds like a silly loon with whom it would be a waste of time trying to reason.
  4. to be fair VFR's are pretty bad-ass
  5. Actually the laws are very interesting (ie. draconian) and if they ever get put into NSW I will find myself in trouble.


    Well I live a few doors up from a high ranking member of an 'Outlaw' club. Walk past his house regularly as well as stop to chat, talk about bikes and compare dogs (of the four legged kind).

    In SA I guess I could be jailed within a week or two for fraternising.

  6. you're correct, i should have said 'some cagers'
  7. Maybe it's the water you guys have over there ? :?
  8. Takes all sorts.
  9. Just sounds like a dumb bogan who had been told how to think by Today Tonight the evening before.
    Mind you, everyone knows Adelaide is teh hub for all gang related activities, I want to start a rumour that bike riders are members of Al Qaeda, and see how long it takes for the tabloids to run with it.........

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Mate of mine was sitting at the lights last week when an old boy in a cage wound down the window to tell him to "Get some pride in what you ride!".
    Apparently wearing a full face helmet whilst on a cruiser will get you picked last for dodgeball at lunch or something.
  11. ahahahaha...Won't take long, I don't recon... :shock:
  12. Shite, I guess I'm in serious siht now, my M/C workshop is right opposite a well known outlaws clubhouse, who I might add, cause us no drama whatsoever.
    Edgelett, I wish ur BF had kicked the dicheads mirror off, give him something to really biatch about :LOL: , problem is, if this stupid line of thinking spreads it could cause a heap of problems. "I didn't see the CB125 / Girl rider) Officer and anyway who cares, one less bikie/crim' to worry about."???!!

    Tex & Bundy
  13. This is typical S.A. narrow-minded logic.

    Thank Mike Rann for passing yet another legislation that is pitched purely to secure him votes from the nearly-dead 90 percentile of South Aussies.

    I have seen a few guys out and about on S.A. roads; the way people drive around them with complete disregard is incredible... That being said, the guy riding on west tce. this morning on the R6: That was a fun little display of speed when you ripped past me but my god you are going to be a sore boy if you come off in t-shirt and track pants!!
  14. Oh dear! There are speed cameras on west tce
  15. Orright lads, correct response is as follows when harassed by some middle-aged commuter:

  16. Damn straight they are! I dole out biatch slaps like chocolates after riding my bad boy Viffer. :twisted:

    Of course, the guy in the car could just be a cnut. I bet anyone here that the same bloke would piss his pants when pulling up to some serious patch club lads and sit lower in his seat and turn up Beyonce and hope they ignore him.