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[SA BIKE] Do you know the previous owner?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2CUTE4U, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    Looking for the previous owner of this bike, would love to chat to him about some specifics i couldn't get when i bought it. It was under consignment.

    If you know the owner, please pass on my details or PM me etc so I can give some details for him to contact me if possible.

    I love the bike, it's awesome - would love some extra info rather than doing everything the hard way.

    Here she is:




    Thanks :)
  2. Due to popular demand I have added some extra info:

    The bike was bought in SA & on consignment through BILLS motorcycles ! ! !

    Prev owner has taken it to the drags, has 24k on the clock... Custom paint (black with blue/green metallic) and the custom NEMESIS stickers. (Also had skulls on the screen).

    If you need any extra info, please let me know.
  3. 2CUTE, if the previous owner was the first owner, their name should be in the owners manual.

    Or with a full history report from RTA you might be able to do some extra detective work and track the owner down (some information is with held).

    That's a pretty distinctive bike - I'm sure someone knows it.

  4. mate,very nice bus,take those rotors off the front there crap :wink:
    then sell them to me :grin:
  5. Keep dreaming :p they are mine..

    Really people - I would love any assistance if you have seen this bike around.
  6. through Bills in the City, or at Blair Athol?

    I know the Blair Athol staff really well & might be able to find out some info if it was bought there....
  7. Sorry, know nuth'n about its history, but she's a nice looking unit. :wink:
  8. Was advertised in Blair Athol and originally dropped off there, but she was transferred to the city for me.
  9. cant you just go back to teh dealer and ask them to pass on your details to the previous owner?
  10. Here - buy your own:


  11. Can't believe nobody's posted the obligatory "No, but I'd like to get to know the current owner :wink:"
  12. Lovely bus with a lovely set of chicken strips to match :wink:
  13. Cheers Pro, may just have to take that to the company.
  14. No, but I'd like to get to know the current owner :wink: (obligatory response for you Yak :p)
  15. And that is one bloody sexy bike!!!!
  16. Well, I found out who the previous owner was :p Cheers all..

  17. Cheers =0) Only going to get sexier... The revamped busa will be displayed soon enough =0)
  18. Yeah, she is... & yeah she has !

    Love to see others lean over on that rear (it was a drag tyre on there when the pics were taken, wide enough to almost rub the chain) plus that was the day she was only just ridden home from the shop by me too, so not my wear. (This comment does not include the last picture added, as she had been ridden a bit, but tyres left there to be wasted. Needs decent ones)
  19. Do you have an owner? O:) :wink: