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[SA] BACA Ball Breaker Run, Sat Mar 3rd

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Glen Thomson

    Bikers Against Child Abuse
    present the inaugural
    BACA Ball Breaker Run.

    Leaving from the Cavan Hotel at Midday (balls from 10am)
    $20 entry and after party at The Beergarden @ The Brickworks.
    Rolling show and shine
    Single's, twins, triples and...

    ... more

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  2. sounds interesting....
    even have a bike i may enter
  3. Whats with the biggest balls/ smallest balls prizes? Do you bring your own balls? Or get them given out? Could be a real interesting event...
  4. At each stop you pull a numbered ball out of a bag, the number from the ball you pull out at each stop is recorded, and the person with the highest total wins $500 and the lowest total wins $200
    All bikes welcome, even 250's.
    All monies raised goes to help abused kids in Australia, a very worthwhile cause
  5. Starting to get quite a bit of interest now, which is good.
    Everybody, from learners to experienced is welcome.

    And did I mention the strippers and wet T shirt competition :roll:
  6. I was already gonna come along, now I'm bringing some friends as well :D
  7. are you serious or is this a joke?
  8. They dont come out till 8pm and we have asked that kids be gone by then, and we will make sure there are no kids around at that time.

    But yes, I am serious :cool:
  9. I might just be skim reading, but I can't see where/how far the ride goes and since it's listed as intermediate (150-300ks), I'm pretty keen to see if it leaves the metro area :)

    Being a newbie for a first potential ride, such things matter ;)
  10. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

    ok well as a female rider i don't think i'll be coming.
    or if I DO I'll be leaving LONG before the female humiliation starts.
  11. hey edgelett, don'tcha know all riders are just in it to see boobs at the end of the day? ;) I'm keen to see boobs at the end of the day, but I think I'll be happy with them being my own :p
  12. The ride will be around 180k's, thats distance not speed. :LOL:
    It does leave the metro area and there will be 4 - 5 stops on the way.

    Perfectly welcome to come along and stay back a bit if thats more comfortable for you. Nothing wrong with doing that, everyone has to learn sometime.
    Just remember it's a great day out for a great cause, if you do come along, dont be shy, say hello.
    I'll be the guy handling your balls, not the best job description I know :eek:

  13. Ahhhh Edgelett, its for a good cause ya know :) You call it humiliation, they call it work for money and such things provide them food. :LOL: So really, we are like their saviours. :cool: :grin:
  14. You should support this ride ( adelaidians) for many reasons.

    1. BACA works hard helping abused children and is a noted and worthy cause.
    2. They ( BACA ) are a great bunch of blokes (and ladies) and will make you feel welcome .
    3. You will enjoy riding with a large number of bikes, its not very often you get to do it , and theres nothing like it. ( it will be a experiance that you wont get to do often).
    4. Edgelet , The show starts after 8 pm so theres still heaps of time before then for you to enjoy yourself and support a worthy charity.
    if it worries you then toodle of home around 8 pm, go the ride, enjoy yourself and help a worthy charity .
  15. At this current moment in time, I'll be attending this ride.

    I have strong views against child abuse, and for that reason I think this is a worthy cause. Boobs? Bleh, I'm probably going to be home by 8pm anyway, it doesn't bother me.
  16. so you guys in the BACA don't see the problem with a group that is apparently against child abuse participating in an activity that is the exploitation of women for sexual enjoyment? Especially in an industry where girls as young as 16 are employed?

    or that filling riders with alcohol & then providing them with nudity & sending them home CAN result in child abuse?

    I just think it's a bit hypocritical of a group that claims to be against abuse to turn around & promote the exploitation of women for the purposes of the enjoyment of a group of alcohol filled males.
  17. prissy attitudes amuse me.

    specially when u see 90% of a womans body when they walk down the street in a boob tube and mini skirt.. see plenty of tits and ass when at the beach or walking thru the city.

    these women choose this line of work Edgie, and many of them enjoy it alot. so why dictate againts their choices?

    ever sat down and talked to a stripper? not all are slappers from salisbury.

    ive worked some dodgy jobs before, and u would be suprised how many girls are nurses or students trying to make money in the time they have available,

    the cause is good, why let part of the entertainment deter you?

    you obviously have high morals and opinions on this. leave by 8pm and u should have no issue. or.. simply dont attend the bar area??

    im sure there will be other entertainment.

    myself.. dont know if im atendding. work commitments during the day etc.
  18. I don't see a gun being held at anyones head...
  19. well apparently I'm obviously an uptight prudish biatch
    there's no point discussing this further with any of you

    I hope those who go have fun but I won't be attending

    and i don't think i'll be coming to coffe ever again now either

  20. apparently and obviously are two words that dont go well together tash,

    calm down,

    sounds like your making more out of this than anyone else.

    as for coffee nights?? why bring that into this discussion? its nothing to do with us on a wednesday, and besides not like your there every week?
    you generally have other plans elsewhere. so why drag teh coffee night into it?