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[SA] - Anyone heard of this as the latest from the Police?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by BlackVeeTwo, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. A couple of years ago the SA Traffic police would sometimes scour the hills roads on a couple of unmarked BMW R1100Rs's - they were just plain blue, but obviously, being BMW they were easy enough to become noticed and be wary of.
    Now there has been a sighting of SAPOL traffic using an unmarked black Honda Blackbird. Does this happen in other states as well?

  2. the cop on the black unmarked blackbird in SA has been around for a while mate.
  3. Unmarked cars and bikes are becoming more common, We in victoria also have marked/unmarked that have markings but internal lights so in traffic they appear normal vehicles/bikes.
  4. yeah those semi-marked cars can be a bugger to spot, doubly so at night.

    I've noticed a lot of the adelaide police getting better with their undercover cars, no external aerials on the 380 I was behind yesterday.

    A toyota Aurion with the lights parked outside HQ yesterday, though it may be a personal vehicle.

    Lets not forget, any car can be a police vehicle. All it takes is a handheld radio. I believe they can still break the road rules etc in unmarked, no-light vehicles etc.
  5. good luck getting you to pull over without any lights
  6. They dont have to, they have a radio.
  7. they have a really tasteful unmarked purple ford GTO here i see all the time in NSW....licence plate, AT-15.....actually i better not post the rest, haha

    you'd think that guys got no taste, flip him the bird or just straight out laugh then be pulled over. i know its a cop car because i saw the lights, radio and police uniform on the driver!
  8. Bring on the unmarked cop bikes I say, if they're focussing on everybody on the road (not just bikes): would be nice to see a few tail-gaiters booked for the act, as well as those who seem incapable of seeing bikes!
  9. yes, unmarked police bikes, pulling over car drivers and then asking for their licence would be great
  10. Hrm, does anyone know where it's been hanging around? Haven't seen it myself.