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[SA] Another rider killed - Main North Road (Blair Athol)??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by EACRUISER, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. Gday,
    My parents passed an big accident scene this morning which shook them up on the way to work along Main North Road near Blair Athol (Mum called me straight away as the bike was similar to mine).

    Motorcyclist was still laying on the ground with emergency services in attendence. Cager drove straight out of a side street, didn't stand a chance.

    My deepest condolences to the family of this motorcylce rider, as being taken on the way to work is not the way we dream of going.

    My prayers go to his family & that he is riding the ultimate twistys without traffic somewhere in a happy place above.

    I am not a religious man, but i believe we all have to have a bit of faith that there is a better place out there, otherwise what are we here for.
  2. Heard about this on the sunrise show (traffic section) this morning. They said enfield but that's not what matters.

    Deepest sympathy to the rider's family. I hope he's up in a better place.
  3. :(

    Condolances to the family, and sincerest hopes that the driver is either feeling very bad or punished severely.
  4. My deepest condolences!!!
  5. People,

    Another sad sad day. If, by some miracle, the family sees this post (appropriate or not) You have the sympathies of many many people around Australia. I pray your pain becomes bearable and I pray that you look upon this poor souls passing as not a loss, but as a time to remember. No matter what we believe (religious wise) we all hope this person is in a better place. It is something we all hope either privately or publicly.

    We must look at this poor event as a reminder to us all. Live well, enjoy life, but most importantly, learn well from this passing.
  6. RIP
    condolences to family and friends
  7. that is sad to hear knowing a biker went down coz of some stupid cager.
  8. The report on the news said he was 40, the bike was a blue Yamaha. Looked from the picture to be an R1 or R6, I really didn't get a good enough look to tell either way.

    I think the driver was trying to turn right from a side street (to head North) along Main North Road.
  9. My condolences to the family of our departed fellow rider.
  10. far out didnt hear about this on the news?

  11. what bike was involved in the accident btw?
  12. Bastard, i hate it when this happens :(
  13. thats how my crash happend. a person in a cage in a big hurry to get nowhere and takes you out on the way.

    i know how he felt in those minutes it takes to die. the injustice really hits home and you want to do something about it and you can't. you want to say that it's not acceptable, this country lets people take lives so easily.
  14. It was in the Advertiser this morning, though it didn't provide much information. Basically one paragraph, then went "sideways" to mention that of all 12 motorcycle deaths in SA this year, 6 were due to speeding.

    I don't think it was appropriate seeing as though this didn't appear to have anything to do with speeding. :evil:
  15. I think it did. The driver was probably speeding.

    Speaking of which, my bf nearly got taken out on the way to work.

    Sitting in the right-hand lane of the parkway (100km limit), overtaking the slower cars, some moron overtook him in the left-hand lane, then pulled back in when the car was level with his front tyre. The parkway is divided with cement barriers, and had something gone wrong, he would have been smeared.

    He's furious because even though he has the guy's licence plate number, the authorities won't do anything. We've been through that once before.
  16. She was pulling out of a side street, trying to cross a two-laned major road. I believe it's a "SMIDSY" case, i.e. "Sorry mate, I didn't see you."

    With your boyfriend, there are "dob-in" telephone lines in both Victoria and SA. Does the ACT have something similar? (other than www.idiotdriver.com.au)
  17. RIP

    Poor guy, more importantly poor family.

    My condolences to the family and friends of the Rider.

    Also while the driver was in the wrong, I do feel sorry for her as well. The guilt will never leave her shoulders.

    My thoughts to all involved.