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(SA) "Another" Learner Paced Ride Sunday 29/4/2007

Discussion in 'Other States' started by KevS, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. Hi Guys, We have finally got ourselves organised and are planning another Learners ride for next Sunday 29/4/07, sorry I couldnt give you all more notice but its really hard to get everyone available on the same day.
    We will work out where we will meet depending on the riders locations but we propose to meet about 10.00a.m.and get going about 10.30a.m. or so and we will meet somewhere central.
    The ride will be structured around the participants so depending on experience and ability we may alter the route and length of the ride but we will probably ride for an hour or so then stop for lunch at a pub or cafe and have a chat then ride back. Basically the same as last time.
    This ride is for learners and begineers and is designed to provide a safe enjoyable escorted ride through the hills so if anyone is learning and would like to come please either P.M. me or reply to this thread so we can get an idea of numbers and experience before the day.
    Red Dragon has once again volunteered to lead the ride.
    AF2AF3 will have his massive "L" plate on the back of his bike to let all the cars know that we are ahead and he will be tail end charlie.
    We will also have a couple of experienced riders doing cornerman duties plus riding amonst the Learners to control the pace and keep things safe[/u]

  2. I'll be there! :grin: Been waiting for another one of these, it should be fun!
  3. i think i can make it and maybe my brother to. give us a place and time.
  4. I will give the meeting place a little later in the week as I was going to see where everyone is coming from and make it somewhere central
  5. Can't make this one, maybe another time, crap!
  6. I'll more than likly be there with bells on, only, without an L plate hehe... Fo' sheezy a group ride :D

    What sort of numbers you have so far Kev? :)
  7. It is a ride for learners and newbies.

    Unless your prepared to ride "in line" with an L plater in front of you and one behind, taking the corners at "posted" speeds and 80 kph in the straights,
    then this ride isn't for you.

    You decide !
  8. Yes, Marky son, I am willing to ride within the constraints of an L plate... Its all about the comradery and enjoying your bike with other people who enjoy theirs, I get it :) 250's can't speed anyway hahahaha :LOL:
  9. Excellent , it will be good to see you riding again.

    It's still fun, and you'll have a good time.
  10. I was never in the group rides for speed lol, I was more in it to meet some new riders etc, so it will be great to get out there again and meet some new faces. :) Speed I can do on my own without encouraging other people and I can do it at my own pace rather than play "catch up".

    That is why samrats rides are good they are multi-level rider focused, which is why these NR rides that you guys are organising is good. Atmosphere and all that jazz, good to meet some people have a chinwag and a ride. :grin:
  11. I'm well aware who the rides for, wasn't planning to rip past any L's, I sure as hell wasn't anywhere near the front on the first Pre-coffee ride we went on I ride for the conditions and the company I'm in! Done several group rides some with L's in the group, we all start somewhere.

  12. Ah Roo AF2AF3's post was not directed at you.
  13. Cool, that means sketchie must like the loud handle hey :grin:
  14. UPDATE: The current Weather forecast for Sunday is for showers so we shall wait and see, if the weather is OK we will ride but if it is raining we will postone the ride.
  15. Hey, i'll be there :grin: sunday's always good for cruisin/pub lunch, hope it doesn't rain.
  16. Well, I guess we all need to learn to ride in the wet at some stage! :grin: (Only kidding)

    Rain's a mixed blessing at the moment, I hope it does rain, maybe just not on weekends? Why can't it rain 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, when the majority are stuck at work?!?! :)
  17. Plus weekday caging is more fun in the wet :grin: Got another vid to show ya Tim. Made a mount and cruised around Victor.. Kinda boring but works well so i'll prob bring it along to the ride this wkend.
  18. I recon it should bucket down everynight between say 2.00a.m. & 4.00 a.m.shame we cant control the weather
  19. Who said I like the loud handle, that is outrageous. I am such a placid laid back rider... Don't get in no-ones way, but I don't slow people down either.
  20. love to join in for this, but alas I must work this w/e.

    not sure if your compiling a list of emails similar to last time, but for future, perhaps you can add mine if you are. Would PM you with it, but need 15 posts before that can be done. perhaps you can PM me, and I'll reply if it works.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.