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[SA] Another Hills Blat.. (Western Range roads), Sat Oct 7th

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Fred Kroft

    I am "shaking trees" at the moment to see if anyone is interested. If not, then stuff ya !!!

    (just kidding hehe ;)

    Depending on the weather it will either be Saturday 7th or Sunday 8th. We'll set an exact date coming the weekend.

    I am thinki...

    ... more

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  2. Im in!!!

    on right... bugga :(
  3. Just rub it in Jason, You better have a few more blats planned for when i get back on the bike.

    Hang on a minute, where do i find the ridiculous rules for these rides??? :p :p
    Sorry, my mistake wrong ride leader. :LOL: :LOL:

    The organiser for this ride, is a legend. :grin:

    Bit far away for you eswen. Unless your going to move to Adelaide. :p :p

    God knows we need someone like you to organise some funny rides with skirts.
  4. Heya EA,

    ;).. Nice you to see you back in the saddle (keyboard anyway ;).

    BTW I buggered up the title... it's "eastern range"... unless you come from
    "Mannum" ;)

    BTW, your alarm is ready. When can I come around you give it to you ?

  5. Left an Email for you, looking to be next weekend or next week. Had quite a few problems at work this weekend that i am going to have to sort out this week.

    Busy busy busy. Will send you another email once i have caught up with work. Thanks mate.
  6. LOL @ simon's avatar
  7. I'll see how I go dude, I gotta go idicator hunting this week. Then have to work out this plastic welding biz cause of my off during the week I left a minor crack in my fairings that I dont want to expand cause of the vibrations.

    You vico's keeping up with our ride information now are ya? ;)
  8. Could be a possibility for me if its a sat,i will keep checking for details,
  9. HEY GUYS...i reacon i might just tag along saturday sounds like a good ride :grin:
  10. saturdays suck for me, I'll either be auditioning drummers or having band practice
    but I'll see if tony's interested

    and sketchie, I'll send you a pm later today re: fairing
  11. Cool, no worries edgelett :)
  12. Possibly interested depending on a few things at home...
  13. Eggsellent. Lets set it for sat-dee ;). It looks like it's going to be sunny weather ;)

    For the route, I've got a suggestion for the 1st half anyway: I'm thinking going up
    Anstey Hill, cutting across to Paracombe, then on the eastern section of the gorge,
    NE road, gumeracha, Mt Burford Road (Via Gum/lobethal rd), Mt Torrens, Mt Torrens/Tugston Rd, then down to Palmer, and then right on to that big long
    road that takes us to Murray Bridge. Lunch at Murray.

    After that, head back into the city via some route.... I'm a bit wet when it comes
    to the southern roads. What about a Lunch venue ?.. any recommendations ?
    (we don't have to go to Murray etc).

    (sketchie: make sure you email a few wreckers on the east coast. You'll be able to
    pick up something very cheap. Most deliver overnight if you are hanging out).
  14. Not hanging out as such. Waiting for my leg to stop aching, then I should be alright. Depends how I go with work and stuff this week. :)
  15. I'm trying to get some one to do my shift so I can join in. :wink:
  16. Sounds good if the weather's decent.

    Look for the confused chinese guy on a scooter...
  17. saturday.. if u like slow n sober...

    depends on state ium in on sat mornig after fridaynight

    a mate back from midle east for a couple weeks, before he heads back to the zone, so kinda wasting out nights at moment...
  18. looks good krofty, I may even throw the missus on the back for this one :D
  19. im in, oil my chain tonight

    need to know

    1. meeting place
    2. depart time
    3. rough time when we get back, soccaroos are playing tomorrow evening

    thats it,

  20. Re: im in, oil my chain tonight

    Hi Dazz ;)

    Details are on the calendar, but just to repeat, here is an excerpt:

    Lunch maybe at Murray Bridge.

    Meeting Point: Caltex, Mobury, Near Civic Park (Cnr of Montague Rd and
    NE Road).

    Leave at: 11AM.

    See you tomorrow. I don't know if you heard about that cop cowboy who posted
    a threat on overclockers. I'll tell you tomorrow (remind me). I'm going to shut my
    trapper about our route. See yo'll down at the Modbury servo tomorrow at 11 ;)

    If you get lost finding the meet, or you just get lost, my mobile is- 0406 877439.

    Cheers ;)