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[SA] Annual Toy Run, Sun Dec 10th

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: edgelett

    The 2006 Toy Run will leave Anzac Highway, Glenelg at 11 am on Sunday, December 10. The ride will travel along Anzac Highway, turning right into Cross Road, then onto the freeway turning off at the Mt Barker turnoff and taking Mt Barker Road into Hahnd...

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  2. so any other netriders coming on this?
    if yes, we should probably arrange to all meet up & head down together
  3. Well I will be coming along. AF2AF3 had the idea of meeting up for breaky before the run at our normal coffee spot that way we can all ride there together, and we all get a good feed. :grin: Watcha think?
  4. So far I'm a big IN.... Hope the weather's not as bad as last year, I cooked and so did the missus, but it was great to be a part of worthy cause.
    So, looking forward to going and not turning off at the wrong exit..... Doh! :roll:
  5. Damn it I have a 'bonding' session for footy on the 10th :mad: Skirmishing down at Delamere. Was looking forward to the toy run this year too.
  6. i have got somthing pretty big the day/night before, but im going to be well behaved and i should be in attendance to this ride..

    so a big hell yes for breakfast!
  7. I was thinking we could get together at Scoozi's for breakfast, and then make
    our way down to Glenelg. Going down there as a group is the only chance
    we'll have of staying together.

    For the last 2 Easter Sundays our family has had breakfast there, and it's a good feed.

    Example: Sausages, bacon, fried or scrambled eggs, tomato, mushrooms and toast..... $11.50 (you won't need lunch)
  8. Undecided, most probably yes though.
  9. well looks like Pagan & I are in for breakfast
    hopefully will get the old man down too...
  10. well i see that the e-club guys are having breakfast at 9am
    I however was looking at being at glenelg around that time!
    anyone want to meet for breakfast a bit earlier, say 8:30?
  11. Most people will probably rock up for breakfast early. So you might be in luck, I can leave a bit earlier to get down for breaky a bit earlier.
  12. If it is anything like last year, then I am going either tack onto the group at the freeway
    or go directly to Hahndorf.

    It was so hot, that me and the gixxer overheated (after the long traffic jam and then
    stopping for almost an hour for an accident to clear in the tunnel). I ended up having
    a massive headache by the time I got to the oval. Left an soon as I arrived and went
  13. Might be a little more organised this year. lol. I guess it is hard to co-ordinate 10,000 people on bikes haha :LOL:
  14. last year was also exceptionally hot.

    I will be taking a water supply with me so I don't get dehydrated.

    I just prefer to get to the bay earlier so i'm not the last to arrive at hahndorf.

    Sketchie - I'll give you a buzz about heading down earlier once i've spoken to dad.
  15. Stupid NR, wont let me post argh! Well anyway, yeh my phone is always on. So let me know whenever. I am holding off on the painting the bike thing until after the Toy Run just so I know I have my bike back. Then straight after christmas then repairs will begin. :D
  16. rock on

    oh will need you to help me convince Tony that I MUST ride the Hornet for the toy run!!

    (he keeps saying something about "you're still on restrictions!!!" but I keep ignoring him)
  17. Umm... In theory cops turn a blind eye on this special day, but I would not be entierly convinced it is a good idea. I ran into him down at the shops today actually. :p He said nothing about no hornbag. :LOL:
  18. so a bit of discussion tonight at coffee?? or more so next week?
  19. Doesn't the MRASA have breakfast available at the bay? There's usually a BBQ going in a tent somewhere...

    Oh, if you haven't bought a prezzie yet, try to buy one for older kids (15+). They get way too many teddy-bears.

    I've got a "Michael Clarke Slazenger V900" - Harrow size.
  20. yeah i'm not one for meeting as late as 9pm
    cause then you get a crappy spot
    i want to get there early & look at the bikes

    dad can't come, so I'm keen with breakfast at 8am but not as late as 9am

    can't come to coffee though so just posting my vote here.