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[SA] Adelaide to Victor Harbour via the Scenic Route., Sun J

Discussion in 'Other States' started by dazza_c, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. [SA] Anyone for a trip to Victor Harbour on the 25 June

    how about a trip to victor harbour on the 25 june for lunch

    anyone intrested in this date, so it doesnt clash with the socceroos

    so if you guys want to go for a ride and have a counter meal at one of the pubs then let me your voice be known and have your say.

    still looking for my v-twin

    im know closer to finding one

    seeya guys later
  2. I am definatly interested... Wouldn't mind doing the Victor road since I have not done it yet...

    EACruiser will probably come... Any excuse for a ride for him at the moment is a good excuse hehehe (sorry d00d) I mean who rides around the hills pointlessly for 4 hours on their own? You must be crazy... Anyways yeh i'll be in on it... :)
  3. Count me in
  4. if i manage to get my l's by then then count me in... also i live in aldinga and commute between here and victor alot and i would recommend hinmarsh tiers road as an alternatave as it is very scenic nice bends and has alot less idiot traffic as not many tourists know you can get to victor that way.. usaly i can get to victor with only seeing 1 or 2 cars... also the crown makes damm good counter lunched.. its another place i frequent for family lunches and such
  5. Sorry Guys, I have moved the topic to General Discussions. When we are set on a date and time. We need to add it to the events calender and then i will merge the two into the one ride discussion.

    Just following The Other States Ride and Event Announcements Rules.

    By the way, sketchie is right the answer is generally yes for me 4 any ride.
  6. if the numbers are good, I'll be in. Good opportunity to meet some folks.
  7. Van arn't you in victoria, These guys are in SA, going to ride to Victor Harbour (SA) from Adelaide (SA)

    Or are you visiting in Adelaide at the moment
  8. Ahahah I'm an idiot. Didn't see that it's in Adelaide. Nevermind!
  9. Yeah im in for it if the weathers good...

    He's not the only one who's done it ;)
  10. Thanks Trent,

    I can't see whats wrong with enjoying a nice long ride, its better than sitting on my rear end at home drinking coffee and watching TV, isn't it
    sketchie, :p :p

    I guess its too cold for you at the moment.
  11. woohoo a southern ride :grin: I'll be there unless my footy club organises another 'gentlemans' night :cool:
  12. well dad lives at flagstaff hill, so if we're free that day (have to check) he'll probably come along with us.
    we're a "probably" for now.
  13. Nothing wrong with a nice ride... But 4 hours is a bit excessive... or maybe not... But fluffy... Your weird anyway :p haha... Anyway yeah I am still a "coming to the ride" vote
  14. Re: [SA] Anyone for a trip to Victor Harbour on the 25 June


    That sounds like a cold wet run. If it's not raining, count me in ;)

    I rode down to vic with AF2AF3 last november and froze my nuts off
    during lunch and riding back. That experience totally *&&^^ the
    trip for me. I'll definately need some better kit for Adelaide winters.

    I was thinking about getting a 2 piece dri-rider suite like most of
    you guys have. Do you have any advice on price range and where
    the best place to buy is ?

    I was thinking about getting it with my new bike, that way
    I might be able to sleaze a discount ;)

    What are Walden and Miller like now days compared to dri-rider ?


  15. im up for it as long as it doesnt rain.
  16. well - now I'm grading for TaeKwanDo on Sunday so I won't be able to come sorry
  17. Added to Calendar by: Simon (EACRUISER)

    Northern Start Point.
    Civic Park Carpark – Tea Tree Gulley.
    Meet Time 8.30am
    Departing 8.45am

    Ride to Morphettevale via West Terrace BP.

    Southern meet point.
    Junk Food Corner – Morphettevale – South Road.
    Meet time 10.15
    Depart time 1...

    ... more

    This is an automated posting of an Events Calendar entry.
  18. well what is better day for riding, saturday or sunday ???

    well what is better day for riding, saturday or sunday ???

    any day is cool with my

    just a little later on saturday , i will be getting up early to watch the boys kick croatia's arse

    so far is me and ea cruiser
  19. I might also come. Will have my daughter with me though.
  20. Should be there. Will meet up with you all at Morphett Vale though. Hopefully the rain stays away