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(SA) A Learner paced ride Sunday 25-2-07

Discussion in 'Other States' started by KevS, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys, Renee and I are gonna go for a ride Sunday and we are wondering if anyone wants to join us, It will be at Learner pace so if any others want to come especially any learners your most welcome to join us, I was thinking a cruise through the Hills and maybe have lunch at one of the hills pubs or something like that, it would only be a couple of hours at the most, have,nt really planned any details yet was just posting this to see if anyone is interested.

  2. I might be in will see how the bike goes today.
  3. normally would love to, but I just agreed to a 'spirited" ride with my dad
    but keep us in mind for next time mate!
  4. Cool just send me a message and we can meet up in the morning
  5. Just revising the plans a bit, Im actually going for a quick blast early, Im going to try to leave home about 8.00a.m. for a couple of hours of faster hills riding then come back down and collect Renee and then go for our learners cruise and lunch, so if anyone wants a quick ride early your welcome :grin:
  6. what time are you guys heading off
  7. I've got no idea, and I have no idea where we're leaving from/going to
    won't know till dad calls me later tonight.
  8. Thats cool, I just thought if you were going early and if it was ok I would tag along with you guys, but no worries I want to be back by about 10.30 or so to take Renee out riding,
  9. hmm if i was home this morning id have done this.

    just got home now. hope the ride went well!

    id call and maybe catch up but i dont know the roads real well and would end up lost.

    maybe next time :D
  10. Sorry mate ended up cleaning the house ready for relatives who are over for Clipsal.

    Hope you had an uneventful ride and Renee enjoyed the ride out.
  11. The ride went really well, Renee was getting heaps more confident, we had RedDragon join us and he was in front of Renee and maintaned a really smooth steady pace and gave Renee a really good idea of the line to follow through the corners, by the time we got back she had a masive grin on her face and said it was the best ride she had been on so far, Rob (RedDragon) was fantastic.
  12. Thats cool sometimes we just have to do these things (although I know were I would rather be).
  13. Glad to be of help Kev,it is prob what we might need to do at times depending on riders that come along to some of the pre coffee
    night rides,quicker riders head off first,and the steady paced riders to follow a seperate leader,just means the first lot will have to,either wait a few mins at a regroup point,or just meet up in town later,it prob wont be every week,so we can organise it on the night,depending on who turns up,
    I think it would be a better way than the steady paced riders trying to keep up,or feeling guilty for slowing the pace for everyone.
    And they will learn at their own pace without incidents or accidents.
    See you all on wednesday
  14. Sounds like fun - wouldn't mind some easy paced riding whilst I get my riding legs.
    Do you guys have these easy paced rides often?
  15. sounds like something we should start doing... i know i was only on Ls for a short time but found the group rides where wat really improved my skills!

    even now im tagging the rear section fo riders due to the 250 restrictions ;) but id have loved a few " guided" rides hence why i follow behind mark alot, as he tends to show me the lines a bit better than i pick them..

  16. Check on here for times and meeting places.
    Will be wednesday evening rides while the good weather is here
    and some weekends there will be some sort of ride planned,
    your more than welcome to join us.
  17. that's the same reason I ride with my dad as often as I can
    I figure his 40 years riding experience might be able to help me learn a thing or two :wink:
  18. Thanks mate.
    I get my bike today! (Thursday) so will ride around a bit until I'm a bit more confident on it.
    Plus, my jacket only arrives either friday or monday :(
  19. Same reason I ride with Kickers a lot. He's a fountain of knowledge and very helpful. When he talks I listen :)
  20. who is kickers?