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[SA] 30 km/hr speedlimits?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, May 7, 2010.

  1. SA may look at 30kph speed limits

    South Australia's road safety thinker-in-residence says cutting urban speed limits to 30 kilometres per hour on some roads may be warranted.

    Professor Fred Wegman has just arrived in Adelaide from the Netherlands where he is the managing director of the Institute for Road Safety Research.

    The road toll in the Netherlands is about 40 per cent lower than in South Australia's.**

    Professor Wegman says he will consider a range of road safety measures for SA, including current speed limits.

    SA Road Safety Minister Jack Snelling says Professor Wegman's expertise is welcome.

    Professor Wegman will be in Adelaide for one month and will return before the end of the year to present his recommendations.

    Original story...

    **In 2003 (the last year the Netherlands records are available) they were the same as Australia on 0.8 deaths per 100 million kilometres. The only real comparison.

    I wonder exactly what he has to offer given the totally disparate nature of roads and traffic.
  2. There is also the reality that speed limits in the Netherlands are pretty universally ignored. Doesn't matter what they are - nobody travels at them.

    Can't we just deport this d#$%head?
  3. :rofl: so what are they going to do about bicycles, put speedo's on them too
  4. Why 30kmh, 10kmh is surely 3x as safe?!
  5. Now this is getting ridiculous

    Honestly, riding/driving around the 40k zones in melb leads me to believe that those who can't watch where they're going and emergency stop at that speed shouldn't be on the road.....
  6. There's only two things I can't stand, people who are intolerant of other people culture, & the Dutch! :rofl:

    I've got some great ideas for the traffic in Tokyo, I've never been, but I'm putting forward a proposal to the Japanese government ::facepalm:

    Who pays for this shit & how does it even get into a "news"paper?
  7. 30kmph is too fast

    we should all push our vehicles in urban built up areas
  8. 2nd hand LAMS prices just went up!

    seriously. it would be really safe if we all got out and walked.... or would it?

    ill tell ya one thing they never wouldve got to the moon if it only went 30km/h

    think on THAT!
  9. It would depend where they are proposing the 30kmh limit. I know some high density housing areas where it isn't safe to be travelling at much more than 30.
  10. Roundabouts?
  11. That's a good point, but what has spaceflight REALLY brought us?

    I mean really?

    Velcro & gaffa tape...That's all.

    Was that really worth eleventy hundred bajiliion million dollars?

    Davo & Macca could have could have come up with that while watching the cricket, & all it would have cost NASA would be a slab of VB.

  12. Sidewalks
  13. You just failed your man test.

    they are 2 of the best things in the world.

    chuck beer, boobs and zip ties in there and you have the full house
  14. I'm not saying they are great cos they are, but us aussies could have done it cheaper. ;)
  15. ok then. you had me riled up there for a second.

    if i went 30km/h on the way to work today it wouldve taken me 2.4 hrs assuming i didnt slow down at all and got no traffic lights
  16. I'm living in England at the moment in a part of town with a 20mph speed limit. Here it makes sense. The roads are narrow, winding and crowded and no sane person would go much faster anyway. Its ridiculous to transplant the same laws to Australia where the roads are far better.
  17. they can't watch where they're going coz they're all too busy staring at the speedo to make sure they don't go 1km/h over the limit.....
  18. Moronic local councils are doing everything they can to encourage jaywalking - and it's working. The zoned out stumblebums are all over the goddam roads now.

    The ONLY place 40 zones is justified or even safe is schools at drop off/pick up time.
  19. The poor VTR won't even counter steer at 30kph
  20. The rubberised material developed for the Mars probe landers now adds about 16,000 kilometres to tyre life.

    The large scale development of liquid hydrogen manufacturing for NASA led to improvements in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

    NASA's requirements led to huge improvements in food safety via the HACCP program piioneered for its use.

    The microwave-assisted hot-air impingement oven is now used by hundreds of thousands of pizza ovens.

    Developments in food processing and storage - the soft packaged foil that's becoming available is a NASA spin off. It's lighter and cheaper than cans and is slowing taking off.

    Self-righting life rafts developed for astronauts.

    light-emitting diodes

    freeze drying technology

    Memory foam

    That's only a tiny number and there's a whole lot more spinoffs


    and http://www.nasa.gov/externalflash/nasacity/index2.htm

    If you want a good read try

    How War, p0rn & Fast Food created technology as we know it

    By Peter Nowak, published by Allen & Unwin.