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S3 Kevlar Jeans

Discussion in 'Pants' at netrider.net.au started by QuarterWit, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Hello Quarterwit, thank you for joining us today.

    No, thank you.

    I understand you bought some cheap jeans off eBay recently?

    That's right - they were around $140. But that's not the reason I bought them.

    Oh yes? What was?

    Well, they're black... And they're skinny cut.

    Skinny? Does that mean you're gay?

    No, it means I'm not an obese blackbird rider who thinks red camouflage hip hop pants is a good look.


    But more seriously, draggins only have the slix - which are shiny - or the twista's, which are blue - and the baggy stuff just isn't for me.

    So, how do they look?

    Pretty good. They're quite understated. No bright stitching, no graphics and only a very, very small tag at the seam of the back pocket. My main criticism is that they aren't quite black. More 'charcoal'. As such I haven't been able to get away with wearing them into work - where I can manage to get away with some black Levi's. I've actually been complimented on them.

    Were they taking the piss? These are Kevlar jeans after all.

    I don't think so. We later had sex.



    How was fitting?

    It fitted in the standard hole with minimum fuss. The jeans? They ran spot on at a 32 inch waist. There are two things I don't like about the fit... The first is they are cut quite low at the rear - so people could get a look at your date.

    If you ride a sports bike, isn't that what you're after anyway?

    (They both chuckle)

    But seriously. Last gay joke for today.

    The second issue is the lower half of the leg towards the ankle is a bit funny. A little too baggy to fit seamlessly into a riding boot but a little loose for normal jeans. But it really isn't that bad.

    How's the protection?

    The jeans are fully Kevlar-lined. Which I don't think is a good thing. They may be slightly hotter than they'd need to be and really, who needs Kevlar at the back of the knees?

    And the quality?

    Looks pretty good. Stitching is okay and overall they seem to be on a par with comparable brands. They don't seem quite as solid as draggins, but they are quite close.

    How'd they crash test?

    I haven't fallen off in them.

    Doesn't that make this review slightly redundant?




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  2. That last photo was absolutely necessary to be posted, right?
  3. I think it adds something, yes.
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  4. But, back on topic, I may get a pair myself. I only have a pair of Rhok's, so another pair certainly won't hurt, plus the Rhok's are slightly baggy. Makes me look a little gangsta, really.
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  5. Damn good entertaining review. Are these available in the shops as I don't believe in Ebay.
  6. They look a bit gay, don't they come in normal fluro camo for us heteros?
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  7. Nah, I don't think so?

    eBay exists mate. Believe!
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  8. I'm old fashioned, I don't like buying clothes that I can't try on first. Actually, it's probably worst than that, I don't like buying things I can't see, touch or smell first.
  9. No mail order Russian brides for you then.

    S3 have a physical shop down here you can collect directly, can't remeber where they are, but their website should tell you.

  10. hahahaha.

    17 McKeon Road
    Mitcham VIC 3132.

    Next time I'm in Melbourne, and if a remember/have time, I might check them out.
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  11. I was contemplating getting these jeans and Quarterwit made a good point about not needing kevlar at the back of the knees.

    I also want knee and hip protectors.

    The only brand that appears to suit are Bull-it... but no one in NSW stocks the skinny/slim versions!
  12. I think it's like machining a bit of steel from a blank. More time and effort is needed to remove material when it's already there in the first place.

    Knee protection is important - I think we all get a little concerted with gravel rash when most of us won't go for huge gp like slides. My worst injuries from falling off always seem to be impact-related.
  13. I also have a pair of these, wear them casual days at work. They are super warm for the cold weather and super comfy, a little bit of extra padding is really nice! (Especially on the bum :p) Would def recommend them if you are a slimmer guy ;)