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S1000RR vs Panegale

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by S1000RR, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. Which one do you prefer? Why ?

  2. S1000RR. Because it's not a Ducati.
  3. :rofl: that's the only reason??
  4. RSV4 because its not a Duc or old man Beemer.
  5. Old man beemer?? :furious:

    You have never ridden it, now did you?

    ps: RSV4 is a sick bike, fully agree ;-)
  6. seems like you already have a strong preference for one of them based on your user name. lol

    Not really a fan of single sided swing arms or beemers. I'll take the RSV4 factory if I ever save up enough. :(
  7. I am definitely biased, admit it to\\:D/. But I am curious about other peoples' opinion, since these bikes are compared so often on all these websites. (together with RSV4) Usually the beemer comes out best or RSV4.

    What about the ordinary rider's opinion?
  8. How about we meet up at a few of the best trest tracks around the world,employ the best riders money can buy,hop the bikes up a bit.Probably we should all use the same tyre,limit it to as many laps as the tank capasity will allow and see what happens.We should give this thing a name,how about World Superbike Racing,or World Super stock racing,sounds like a plan.
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  9. Panigale - because it is the most beautiful sports bike on the market by a country mile.

    Shallow I know.

    (PS - would never own one, too impractical. Unless I had enough money to own several bikes...)
  10. Nice try Zim :LOL: but that's using a very narrow definition of best. Appropriate if track days are your only use for it but northerner makes an equally valid argument. For the record, I couldn't have said it better than northerner myself :biker:
  11. I'll take all three.
  12. No i havent ridden it, not old enough to be able to afford it (thats what old man meant not that its slow)
  13. +1.....

    RSV4 because - ooooooohhh that motor
  14. OP was a spammer and has been banned
  15. Never would've guessed that, smee! Hahaha...

    toadcat - I would be highly suspicious if anything a review out of the US or California, in particular, has to say. Their bikes are more heavily neutered than almost anywhere on Earth and as such are in no way representative of what we are getting. Their quoted/dynoed hp outputs are a dead giveaway in this regard - thier BMW is down over 20hp compared to anywhere else, most likely due to emissions strangulation.

    Cheers - boingk

    EDIT: Just finished watching the video. They pegged the BMW as being comfortable, usable, good on the track, street and strip and much cheaper than all the other bikes... much as the rest of the world has found!
  16. Yeah HP is down due to their smog tests... lots of manufacturers specifically make entirely different exhaust systems and engine maps for vehicles there to pass it
  17. Get an old 916 - more cred, less $$. Buy the s1000thingy with the change.