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S1000R owners please share your thoughts

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by chilliman64, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. today I popped into a bike shop to check out the K1300S, what a beautiful machine, looks so much better in the 'flesh', internet pics don't do it justice. I thought this is what I wanted but then I saw the S1000R (in red) and WOW :woot: that is a hot looking machine. I think I'm in love and haven't even ridden it.

    I didn't have time or the gear to take a test ride.

    sitting on it I don't have any complaints, it's got everything I could want in a bike and the on-line reviews all seem great. have found many positive comments on here also.

    could anyone that has spent some considerable saddle time on the single R tell me your thoughts? what's it like after the honeymoon period is over. what's the comfort like on a long ride say more than 2-3 hours? how's the wind buffeting at 100km/h, does the mini deflector help? also, did you upgrade the exhaust to the Akrapovic slip-on or the titanium exhaust?

    I'm thinking I want one (will still keep the fattie). I won't commute on it so it will be a weekend rider so want to make sure it will be ok for day trips and riding two up on occasion.

    thanks NetRiders!
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  2. So do Nick s1000rNick s1000r and ultramultram

    Fantastic bike, from what I've heard. Haven't heard any negatives yet so go for it.

    Did you have a look at the K1300R as well?
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  3. yes Lazy LibranLazy Libran , they had the Motorsport which was sold and awaiting pickup. that is a magnificent looking bike. the colour and finish are spectacular. a shame the K13's are being deleted from the product line. I didn't think I'd like the tri-colour of the motorsport but man it was sweet. checked out the RS also. really they had nothing that I didn't like and should my lotto numbers come in I think I'll buy them all, plus maybe a Diavel, a busa and a ZX14 lol.
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  4. Did you test ride it? Got mine from new 13000k 3 track days on it snowies ride in pouring rain commute on it every day power wheelies clutch ups stoppies, comfortable fast reliable sure footed fun gets looks but is quiet and anonymous can't fault it but you must get a touring screen otherwise be prepared to develop hulk like neck muscles highly recommended
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  5. cool mate, thanks. did you get blue or black? the red looks great up close, haven't seen the white. I've watched plenty of YT vids and it looks and sounds awesome. and it's pretty light too at just over 200kg with a fairly upright riding position.

    didn't ride it but they said give them a call and I can take it out if I want to. might be back on there on Saturday.
  6. Got the black one pearl whit looks good too. Sounds good but is fairly quiet too
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  7. Hey chilliman64,

    I've got a 2016 white one and I love it im so glad I spent the extra to get this.
    Awesome handling plenty of power and torque the brakes are insane and lots of mod cons like ddc, heated grips, cruise control etc.

    The seat is comfy ..... but after a long days ride it's like a plank of wood under your bum .

    There is only one spec s1000r brought into Australia and its the fully loaded model.
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  8. I have had mine 7 months and done 10000km of recreational riding on it with some 1000km days in the hills so i think im more than qualified to add my 2 cents ☺

    I tested the k1300s and found it to be an amazing bike and nearly purchased it 12 months ago but wasnt quite ready for a new bike. 5 months later i went into My BMW dealer ready to talk turkey about the 1300 and he offered me a test ride of the s1000xr first. Wow great machine too but i dont know if i would go that over the 1300. Anyway long story short i ride the S1KR 2km from the dealer and i was sold!

    Such a comfortable bike (coming from superbikes) so much power on tap, buttery smooth to ride and handles unbelievable. Very neutral like a Honda. I was on the run in phase on my first outing with some buddies who are slightly quicker then me and they could barely keep up and i felt like i had plenty up my sleeve in the tight stuff.

    The electronics are very good but i have it in dynamic pro all the time so no anti wheelie etc. I found it took away some of the fun in road mode.

    I threw some rad guards on it because the radiator is pretty vulnerable but everything else is fine

    Only issue i have had is warped discs which bmw are in the process of doing under warranty.

    Only cons i have found are its bars are fairly wide for filtering and it produces alot of heat in traffic. But for a weekender its the bees knees. If you've been around bikes a long time you will appreciate how good this machine is
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  9. thank you Nick s1000rNick s1000r I did not know that about the fully loaded s1000r - the features are almost endless. I do see they have a seat upgrade option, I wonder what that's worth.

    what is disappointing is the motorrad website, definitely needs a freshen up.
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    Last edited: Apr 7, 2016
    thank you hammy22hammy22 that's a great write up. sounds like you're loving it! you say you wouldn't choose it over the K13 - did you end up buying both or did you change your mind?

    I filter on the fatboy whenever I can and it also throws up a lot of heat (hot air ? lol) so neither of those are a deterrent for me. plus I won't be commuting anyway.

    the single R really appeals to me, just not sure if the K13S would be a better fit. have also seen a few K12S' at good prices so just need to work out which one I really want.
  11. If you're keeping the fattie and looking for a weekend bike, why not get the RR?
  12. The RR is actually quite comfortable for a sportbike. I can ride for 2-3 hours without being sore. It's more comfortable than the Speed Triple I had.
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  13. Shit don't say that mate. I need some reason to stop me from selling everything I own to get one.

    One day......
  14. Haha fair enough. You'll be more than happy with an R. To be honest you'd only need an RR if you're racing at a decent level. They have more performance than can be used on public roads.
  15. True......plus I'd need to fit it next to the new Thruxton R I've been dreaming of too. :)
  16. Some of us aren't Russian gymnasts. Or maybe comfort is still a consideration.
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  17. I'm an old fart and find the RR quite comfortable. Its no multistrada or s1000XR but i was very surprised when i first got the bike with how good i felt after a long ride.
    Days of back to back touring probably wouldn't be fun
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  18. haven't really considered the RR as a serious option, even though I think they would be the ultimate in performance and they absolutely look to me to be just about the hottest production sportsbike I've ever seen. me too old, me too slow, riding position not that comfortable, a ride like the RR would be wasted on me - think the R or the K13S more suited to my riding style and body/age/comfort levels.

    I must admit that ever since I saw the RR in Mission Impossible I have been rather infatuated with it! :whistle:
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  19. No i never bought the k1300 mate, I still really love them and aspire to add 1 to my garage but the S1KR is a better fit for my riding, it sits firmly between the RR and the 1300s