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S#@T ! I dropped my helmet...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by martych, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. I know, I know...never put your helmet on the seat when filling up at the servo, BUT I did and guess what...you guessed right, it fell off, straight on to the concrete.

    There's no visible damage but from everything I've read, once they've taken a direct hit (even a small one) they're a "throw away"....Do you guys agree? or is that just marketing scare-mongering to make us buy more helmets?

    Goddammit - I could kick myself !
  2. IMHO - yes to both!
  3. Its true im afraid.
    the foam on the inside of the helmet is full of air bubbles, and once you drop it those bubbles are what cushion your fall....unfortunately they dont reform as bubbles, so if you were to fall and take a hard hit to the are the helmet impacted you would not be as protected. theres a saying:
    Your head is only worth as much as your helmet.
    (or $50 helmet $50 head, but i prefer the first one)

    i dropped my first helmet, from the same thing, helmet on the seat...but i wore it for a few months till i could afford a new one...i wouldnt suggest you stop riding till you get a newey, but definitely add it to your shopping list, up near the top

    My 2c
  4. Thaks guys for the news, bad as it is.

    You know, I had a crappy old Bieffe for years and never dropped the damn thing. This AGV is only 6 months old and cost me a packet.

    Bloody typical aint it.
  5. Crap!!!

    Nothing wrong with it.

    its not an aero bar for fcuk sake.

    Its made to withstand HUGE impacts, slight ones like that arent going to worry it. Your head wasnt in it, there is fcuk all chance of the foam compressing to the point where it will render it useless.
  6. *sadly unstraps Aero bar from head* :cry:

  7. Well I knocked mine off my handle bar, and it left a dint it in. So everytime I got on the bike I was thinking sh@t I hope this helmet is still ok. So for piece of mind I went and bought a new one. Not as got as old one but still I have piece of mind when I'm out there.
    My two cents
    Cheers Lou
  8. Rear footpegs are the go for a helmet hanger at the servo.
  9. It depends upon the impact and the helmet if the shell is damaged or not... but the inside foam will definitely not be if your head isn't inside it to squash the bloody stuff!

    Some fibreglass helmets will progressivly fracture the shell in an impact but I seriously doubt this would occur at 1m fall speeds.

    About the only way you'd damage the impact protection (as distinct from the finish) would be if it hit a pointy object and the impact was in one localised area.
  10. :rofl: It's the bubble of nothing that make it something
  11. I use the top of the bowser, or the area formed between the front wheel and the motor, when on the sidestand.

    Oh I'm with Vic on this one.
  12. I'm with "nope no serious damage if ya head aint in " mob. You may have chipped the outer shell but it needs impact from both sides to compress the foam inner shell.

    p.s top of the bowser for me too.
  13. I use the floor but check first it aint oily or wet and never below the fuel tank.Its always along side the rear wheel on the left hand side.

    I cant hang it of the rear peg as the left side will fall off if on the side stand and the right side is too close to the exhaust.

    If this is wrong I would appreciate some feed back as to why.
  14. SHIT!!! call your local bike shop and get them to deliver a new helmet to you ASAP! dont even walk outside, you're almost certain to be killed now that your old helmet is stuffed :!:
  15. Best place for my helmet when at a servo is on my head.

    Unless someone screws with the bolts, it aint falling off :LOL:
  16. less than 1 meter drop without your head inside it, i reckon its all good to go, dont'sweat the small stuff i always say but as chickbabe says its all piece of mind, if your the thought of dropping your helmet is going to reduce your condidence, buy a new one, but if you choose to build a bridge u'll be right
  17. I always just put mine on the pavement, aint falling from there!
  18. the 'syrene foam needs weight behind it to cause significant damage to its integrity. It would require a hefty knock to damage the foam through the shell. ie. the shell has to flex so much that it compresses the foam. No one likes a binged up helmet, and I think this whole thing about "if it has been dropped ditch it" attitude is to prevent people having a "minor" stack, seeing only scratches and continuing to use the helmet after. The force exerted on the foam from the sudden deceleration of the lid in relation to the momentum of the head... Meh- do whatever.
  19. Hmm, this thread has taught me a bit of logical knowledge I didn't see before hand. At the servo, I usually hang it off the throttle control, a no-no I know but, force of habit. More often than not though I put it on the ground next to the bowser... Can't wait to get a flipup helmet and hope I don't have to take it off at all.

    Rear-footpegs is a good idea, I'll be trying that out next time I go to the servo.

    I too have dropped my helmet, from the seat too... my bike has a considerably more angled lean when its on its kickstand, I don't leave it on the seat anymore though. I should PROBABLY use the helmet holder, considering thats what its for? :oops:
  20. Don't count on that... I get asked to take off my _open_ face helmet (when I'm wearing that commuting on hot days instead of the full face) in servos all the time.

    Explaining to the IQ deprived sales droids that the reason there is a helmet law is so the CCTV can record an image of the face achieves nothing either. They either look at you with that slack jawed yokel look or they get all huffy and refuse to serve you.

    I try (when possible) to put even amounts into the bike when I've got the open face on... that way I can just say "well here's your $10" and put it on the counter :LOL: