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S.O.S Dealer confusions! PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Astara, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. Well firsty hello as this is my first post here after months of gathering useful infro from the posters here to help me purchase my first scooter!

    So basically last week I decided upon getting the Vespa GTS 250ie from a dealer on the Central Coast (NSW). However now the negotiations are over today I was told 2 things that have upset me and I thought I'd get some advice to decide if im being...well..."taken for a ride" :?

    1) I was after the classic Dragon Red and was told I was unable to get it because its extremely hard to get and the possibility of me securing one was very low and that I should just take the black.

    2) I was under the impression since I was paying full RRP price (and then another $200!) that i would recieve a brand new bike delivered especially and not the month old (at least) floor item that has been marked etc.

    Basically I need some advice from either people who have attempted to purchase this scooter or no something about dealers.

    Cheers, Tim!
  2. It is simple.
    You bought a red nw bike. (As far as you were aware)
    They are saying they can't get you a red new bike.

    Demand full return of all mony withing 7 days and walk.

    then go find someone who wont screw you around.

    if this is the trouble you are having making the purchase, imagine what it is going to be like if you have a warenty claim.
  3. 1. Tell them you want red or your money back
    2. If they are giving you the shop model that is marked then you need $1000 off the ticket price.

    Anything less, tell them to go jump
  4. Yeah, +1 for walk away.

    I hate dealers who think they're doing you a favour by selling you a bike.

    If you think you've got the cajones, then tell straight up, "I want a BRAND NEW, DRAGON RED, Vespa GTS250." If they can't do it then go somewhere else. There's plenty of other shops that'd be more than happy to have you walk in their front door.
  5. Wow thank you for the fast responses. However Althought the deal has been struck the loan company has not initiated the payment yet because I asked them to hold off until im 100% in my decision.

    Up until today I was 100% but now the impression is that they are indeed 'doing me the favour' even though they wont barter or throw in any accessories like a top box or even mats :roll:

    Im just very reluctant to walk away after we've organised all the loan part. Am I able to just say no and still apply the loan to another dealer? Or do I still have the right to put my foot down and demand a RED BN BIKE?

    (P.S: Today the dealer called what was apparently vespa themselves or the supplier at least and asked whether or not they had any Dragon Red scooters coming in and apparently only 2 are coming in with the next shipment)
  6. Most loans appovals are for 3 months ,this is what i was told from the dealer ,if i didn't want to get the bike that week i had 3 months and i really could take my loan appoval to any other shop if i wanted.

    But you might be with a different loan company.
  7. The finance company wants your interest, it's that simple.
    Unless they work exclusively for that particular dealer and no one else then they will write out a cheque to whoever it is that will supply you with the bike.
  8. If you have not recieived the bike as yet, I am sure there would be some kind of "cooling off period" involved in which would leave you enough time to change your mind.

    If they are saying you are getting a NEW scoot, then that is what you get otherwise they are liars and can get in trouble haha.

    The reason that they want to sell you their floor model is that they have probably made payment on it and want to recoup their costs. Plus, ordering a new dragon red scoot will cost them time money and they will still have their floor model sitting around looking used and marked.

    If they won't cough up your beloved dragon red scoot, go somewhere else, there are plenty of other places that would love and appreciate your business than they obviously do.

    In summary +1 to walking away. Also +1 to if this is a sale, imagine the warranty claim if one comes along. To me the choice is obvious.
  9. I guess teh important questions are:

    1. Have you paid a deposit? If so what does it state on the receipt? Does it describe what the deposit is for or does it refer to a bill of sale/contract or similar document?

    2. Have you signed anything with the dealer? If yes it must describe what you have purchased and for how much. It will also give details as to what is covered and not covered. And of course it usually states something along the lines of "this contract does not limit your rights or obligations as per motar car act"...or something sorta like that anyhow. If you have any doubts as to what you can and cant do then I would suggest contacting bodies like RACV (whatever teh NSW equivilant is), government depts like consumer affairs (or whatever it is where you live), not sure whom else but I am sure their are oher bodies out there.

    Otherwise i'm a +1. You should get what you have paid for. To get anything else is just wrong and it sounds like you are not getting what you believed you would be getting. Sounds like there is a problem and yes you should stand up and get what you want and what they have promised. If that is not going to be the case then as others have stated, take your business elsewhere. Of course the dealer will advise against that and will do anything they can to retain the sale, as long as they make money.

    Wish you all the best

  10. Well thank you to everyone who has responded with great suggestions. Tomorrow I will be contacting the dealer and withdrawing my payments and ending our business together at that. This situation has upset me quite a bit and is a sour start to what was meant to be a load of fun starting off my scooter career :(

    Here's hoping one of the larger and more established companies in Sydney will get my enthusiasm bubbling over again and I'll catch up with some of you in the social gatherings soon enough! Cheers!!!
  11. The most wrong thing about all of this is that Vespa actually produce a scoot in black!

    No wonder the dealer can't shift it...

    A nice new white pearl would be nice, and red's a classic.

    Take your business elsewehere astara, and walk into a big shiny dealer and demand that you want extras thrown in on a dragon red scoot. Although reluctant to add extras (cuts into the sales comission), even scoots have some bargaining room built into the price, remember this.
  12. +1 for the walk away mate.
    You dont have to put up with that. There are lots of Vespa dealers round the place so you shouldnt have any trouble. I suggest making it clear to each dealer that you are shopping round for teh best deal and ask them what the best they can do for you. Then you've got them working for YOU not the other way round.

    Good luck mate.