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S-MX 2 air Gloves (Touch phone compatible)

Discussion in 'Gloves' started by iClint, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. image.
    The S-MX 2 Air gloves by Alpinestar

    I was drawn to these gloves when replacing an older pair of shorty style gloves as these looked essentially the same. The key difference was my old gloves were leather with polycarbonate armour and the S-MX 2 Air gloves are made up of multiple materials (leather, mesh, carbon fibre, neoprene and synthetic suede)

    The 2 standout features of the S-MX 2 Air gloves are their excellent air flow and compatability with capacitance touch screens found on most mobile devices.

    The gloves feel and look as though they would protect well from abrasion and impact around the knuckles however lack the material usually found linking the little finger to the finger beside it used to help protect the small bones from sprains or fractures.

    The gloves fit well, and the first thing I noticed was how light they felt. I immediately tested the gloves with my phone and sure enough I was able to tap, swipe and even pinch the screen. Even typing was not too difficult.

    Mounting my bike I set off and the mesh construction was immediately obvious cool fresh air flowing through the glove and around my fingers and hands, a welcome and refreshing change.

    While not providing the protection of a full length glove this is a sacrifice I am willing to make opting for the coolness and comfort of short gloves. As we come into winter riders might be looking for warmer gloves but winter is also a good time to pick up a bargain on summer gear.

    4/5 for value
    3/5 for protection
    5/5 for features

    Overal rating 4/5 well designed glove that solves 2 common problems with motorcycle gloves while still providing adequate protection for road riding.