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S.E QLD - Weather

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by geeth, May 20, 2009.

  1. So I have just gotten home from work. Going from Brisbane to exit 35 on the motorway.
    Nice and dry with a change of clothes and a hot chocolate with strawberry liqueur in it.

    Just thought that I would give others (though it's prolly not needed) a little bit of a heads up

    [Dad voice]

    It's fking nuts out there today, there is alot of oil on the motorway, if you heading south just past the bridge where the speed limit hits 110 stay in the right most 2 lanes there is a decent oil slick and it's not fun when you get a wind gust... trust me.

    Watch your footing almost fell on the Anne street Edward street intersection because I didn't think about it.

    On the motorway 110 is doable though most cars are between 80 and 100 visibility is shite there's quite alot of oil about on it today to.

    My main warning is for the new riders, if you haven't done much or any wet / windy riding before today isn't probably for you. Wind is very gusting and strong. My visor barely had rain on it because the wind was taking care of it.

    Take it easy today it's not an easy ride in these conditions.
    Remember ride to your skills (what you have, not what you think you have) and to the conditions.

    [/dad voice]

    Time to watch "Yes Man"
  2. +1 Take care out there today and we are expecting more of the same tomorrow. Also aqua-planeing is a big issue with the amount of laying and flowing water on the roads.
  3. Check out the the following link before you plan on going anywhere.


    There are a lot of road closures due to flooding. I'm not looking foward to making my way home to the northside from work in the city. Lucky my bikes in the shop....as I would have riden otherwise.
  4. This is what cars are for.
  5. i heard there is bbq's flying off buildings in surfers (brother lives there)

    so its raining bbq's :)
  6. Hope the weather eases up there, my friend got 130mm last night! I am due to fly up next week too.

    +1 to the OP, be careful on the roads in this shite weather - that goes for everyone.
  7. Someone actually died in Surfers because they were sitting next to a window when an awning smashed through the window and got hit by it.

    If i recall correctly.

    On another note, i get really frustrated when motorists slow 50km/h under the limit for small puddles (less than 10mm) .. People seem to do it when im behind them.. a lot.
  8. It's crazy out there. At least people seem to have gotten out of the "OMG! I am going to get water drops on my car!!!!" mode and instead of driving widly and taking silly risks to beat the rain drops home are now taking a bit more care. Or maybe it's because I have been coming up behind them in a large white SES vehicle with lights going nuts.

    Anyway, on a very serious note - take care out there, especially if you are on a bike (braver then I am, that's for sure!). Current predictions is for the north (Caboolture and up) to get spanked pretty hard again tonight, so much so that they were clearing schools out on the Sunshine Coast. Regardless of where you live, try to secure any loose objects in the yard - nothing worse then having something large and heavy slammed into the side of your house, and let the emergency services do their job (rubber neckers make it that much harder). Plenty of road closures, some due to flooding, some due to major damage to the road itself. If you can't get home, don't try to cross any flooded/damaged roads (we don't wont to have to go searching for you downstream), just stay with friends or someone in a safer area.
  9. If tomorrow is like this I will be caging to the train station
  10. Title should be S.E QLD Weather....Tis lovely up here (for a change!).
  11. good point
  12. of course the weather's lousy; I've been planning an three-day jaunt north for months :LOL:.
  13. Geeth, was just kidding, certainly feel for you guys down there.

    It seems that the wet has finally ended here.
  14. Already dropped my bike on the corner of Alice and Edward in Bris on monday just when it had started to rain :(

    the corner is already a pain in the arse, and now is pretty darn slippery
  15. Mains Rd traffic lights out from Sunnybank Hills to MacGregor? That would make for an ultra-slow trip and would back up a lot of the major arterials (Logan and Granard Rds in particular)!

    Now why couldn't Bowen Bridge Rd be closed when I was working at Butterfield St? :LOL:

    Take care all of you in SE Qld.
  16. I know, but it was something to do :p
  17. My cousin works on the 2nd or 3rd floor of the building on the corner of Alice Street and Edward Street. I quized him once about whether he sees alot of accidents on that corner, because its a much tighter right hand turn than you can tell when entering the corner. He said that hes seen a few crashes over the years but that they were uncommon. I would have thought otherwise.
  18. just got home, had over 200mm here today. Bloody windy too.

    Just one of the fun times being an all weather rider.
  19. Perhaps everyone knows it a slow corer and takes it easy ?? But I would of thought that there would be quite a few accidents as well.
  20. Hope it's all finished and gone by the weekend. I have a 4 day Conference on the Gold Coast starting on Sunday! It would be a shame not to put the hotel's lagoon pool and bar to good use :)