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[S.E. melb] Looking for people to prac stunting with

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robbied, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    Looking for people to practise stunts with around the Dandenong area.
    I ride a cbr900.


  2. Have a look in the Vic Events forum.
    I suggest you go for some rides with people first as stunting has it's own "Issues" associated with it, and requires a certain degree of trust
  3. Ask Gegvasco
  4. Theres a number of stunting forums that has a lot of aussie stunters organising events, possibly hunt that down? Dont know the name off the top of my head though. Possibly check out Rapid magazine, they have a section on stunting and such, might provide you with some contacts :grin:
  5. i'll come. cant stunt but itd b kewl to whatch. maybe learn a bit. qbe still dose cover notes yea? :)
  6. hey i will come dont know about stunts but i can at least get the front wheel up :p
  7. no comment :?
  8. Come to the Thursday night mystery ride this week... few people there that you can chat to that know the scene

    link to the Thurs night mystery ride thread here

    you can also check out this page for more info on stunting
  9. You came to the wrong site Rob. :LOL:
  10. He didnt come to the wrong website, but there are other websites that better cater for his interests. Please, stop talking for everyone on this forum.
  11. Does writing no comment count as a comment?

    I think what you meant to say was "I wholeheartedly disagree with the concept of stunting. I would like to express my disgust at this thread, but will refrain from doing so directly. Instead, I will complain by proxy, and by the use of emoticons."
  12. Actually what he meant to say was "my avatar speaks a thousand words."
  13. 1. Dont be playing with me on my choice of the words cowboy when,
    2. You said exactly what I was saying in your own words.
    3. Nothing I said was in a serious tone. Read my post again slowly noting & working out the definition
    of emoticon(s) used by the author.
    4. What gives you the idea I'm talking for everyone when I have made no reference to everyone?
    & even if I was, I wouldnt stop doing so because some cowboy told me to, so with all respect due,
    take ya 'please' post & shove it because IMHO you got no idea what ya carrying on about. [​IMG]
  14. No point cowboy. MG's off in his own perfect little world. No matter what, he will continue to rip everyone's head off and tell everyone they are wrong because they don't agree with him. He is THE uber-troll!
  15. thanks loz. you always word things so eloquently. :cool:

    because two weeks ago, i had already extended my welcome to him to ride at our spot (rare!), but he can't be stuffed making the trip. there's nothing left for me to say.