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[S.A] Yamaha Retro Spares - Avoid

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by frussy, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Hello folks.

    I've been restoring an old bike and I got a bit overwhelmed by it. Took it to Yamaha Retro Spares to find what a recurring problem is and got charged triple what I was quoted and their work has done serious damage to my bike. I have asked for a refund because the work they did was not agreed to and it was work I specifically asked them not to do.

    Has anyone had dealings with these Yamaha Retro Spares? I have a serious complaint. What's the best way to go about it? Consumer affairs? I have a lawyer ready to fire off a letter and issue a court summons if it gets that far.

    Fair to say I am disgusted.

    D :mad: anny
  2. Firstly have your Lawyer explain the correct process.
    If he/she is telling you they will 'issue a court summons' I would find another Lawyer.
  3. They have nice business cards - and that's about the extent of my dealings with them. What happened with your bike?
  4. This is what happened:

    I've been restoring an old 70s 2 stroke. A little KH100EL Kawasaki. Done HEAPS. Rebuilt the top-end. Been running GREAT except a recurring problem that happens after about 25 minutes of riding. Bike starts to stutter and loses a bit of power. It is NOT seizing, but possibly an electrical/ignition problem I figure when it gets nice and warm.

    I pop in to speak the guys there, figuring they deal with heaps of old 70s 2 strokes so they might know there stuff. Both the mechanic and owner tell me to book it in for a $125 service and that they'll most likely find the problem during the service. I figure, $125, even if they don't find it it's worth a shot - the problem has me tearing my hair out. I'll at least have fresh oil and my wooden drum brakes might be adjusted.

    I remind them that the carburettor is fine and ignition timing is spot on. Both have been serviced by myself and checked by another mechanic recently.

    During the EIGHT DAYS they had my bike I receive no contact. I called twice: once the day after I dropped it off to speak to the mechanic to remind him what I wanted (this is because I had a bad gut feeling) then again two days later to try again. I'm told by the lady on the phone that the mechanic is "too busy to talk, he will call you when it's finished". I'm getting increasingly nervous.

    Eight days later I just go there because this is taking far too long and I'm getting no communication. "Oh, it's ready!" the lady says. I'm bewildered. It can't be ready. I told them to service my bike and FIND a problem and tell me what it is. The mechanic says "it's fixed. I just leaned the needle two notches", my gut is saying that this is bullshit and this is too lean. Also, that this is work I never agreed to.

    The cost: $313!:mad: I ask why it was so much but I was willing to just get out of there because if it is fixed, it is fixed.

    Within 200 metres of riding off the bike stalls. The bike won't idle. It continues to fail to idle and to stall for about 2 kms before it becomes unrideable and I push it back to the business. I walk in and say "this is rubbish guys. this is unridable".

    At this point I have paid almost 3 times what I was quoted for a bike that is now unridaeble. Like I said previously, I had it running fantastically apart from this problem that they were to diagnose.

    After 2 hours the mechanic brings the bike out. "better now" he says. I just want to get it out of there and look at recouping my money from them using consumer affairs. the bike stalls at least 5 more times in the 6 kilometres back to my house. the last 'stall' is actually not a stall but a piston seizure.

    i have no doubt that this was caused by them leaning my engine so far. i should not have ridden the bike or accepted their work but i was told "it's fixed". i'm a bit of a rookie and I am learning as I go. I as a customer was trusting their word and work but they have screwed me over.

    i took the spark plug out when i got home and it is WHITE. this means it is utterly LEAN. I have taken the cylinder head off and there is scoring damage in the bore caused by the seizure.

    this is all their fault and i am fuming.
  5. What has been Yamaha Retro Spares response to your claim ?
  6. This was all only 2 days ago. Yesterday I went in and spoke to the owner and said this to him:
    - The work completed on my bike was not quoted for or approved by me. I brought the bike in for a service that i was told would find the problem. I tried to call twice to remind the business that I only want the problem FOUND.
    - I was charged three times the price quoted for non-approved or requested work.
    - That work is dodgy: the bike won't idle, run properly and is backfiring.
    - The non approved work was leaning the carburettor to the point of causing these running problems and this has caused a seizure to my bike.
    - I asked, "what are you going to do about it?"

    His response, "nothing, it is a pre-existing problem". His logic is terrible because I PAID THEM to find the problem, was over charged, the problem was not fixed but exarcerbated by their work. He also told me "too lean won't cause a seizure", this is utter lies. Too lean is probably one of the biggest causes of seizures in 2 stroke engines. They have created the lean condition.

    I have since spoken to other people about this business and some of it could be slander if I post it here. Nevertheless, what I have heard after the fact is truly concerning.
  7. Any advice from how to proceed from here?

    I have since sent a letter, and depending on that response I will go to consumer affairs.
  8. I feel for you mate, what was supposed to be an easy 'fix' ends up being a nightmare scenario. I dont have any thing to try and alliate the problem or get your bike back on the raod asap, but that is what forums like this are good for.

    venting your frustrations and warning others of bad business practices.

    I hope you can find a way to get that bike back on the road soon. i recon that $313.00 is gone. just find a good reputable repairer, it will mean paying more $$$$, but you will then enjoy the bike once its sorted.