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[S.A.] Stolen gsxr 600

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by Del, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Stolen Saturday night. as i didint even check it sunday due to being out and about

    Has Pirelli Diablo Tires with polished rim lips. Tinted screen Alloy oggy knobs and mesh inserts in the fairing vents. Cut down Yoshi RS3 exhaust. Aftermarket tail lighst and indicators and a tidy tail set up. plus Ventura rack.

    it had the rear passenger seat on it when stolen

    rego YYJ098

    contact me on 0415152415 or the police


    quite a noticeable sounding bike

    YouTube - DelusionL's Channel
  2. Re: Stolen gsxr 600 sa

    bastards hope they get caught and your bike back quick
  3. Re: Stolen gsxr 600 sa

    sorry to hear mate

    how didnt u notice it missing?
  4. Re: Stolen gsxr 600 sa

    it live on the second story. and park the car out the front. i dont see it when i come in and out.
  5. Re: Stolen gsxr 600 sa

    not holding much hope. its quite distinguishable so will probably be parted out :(
  6. Re: Stolen gsxr 600 sa

    that sucks mate! I have had theft and car tampering happen to me and i just wish i could place a sign out front saying that whoever did it was EXTREMELY lucky I didn't catch them in the act. If we could have ways of finding out who did the lowly acts, we could exact revenge on them by taking away everything they possess to see how they f@#kin like it!
  7. hey mate

    any news on the whereabouts of your bike?