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S.A. newbee

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dunyesti, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Hello all, I am 37 and have just got my bike licence and bike. I have previously been a v8 nut owning several holdens but with the price of fuel and the expense of making a 350 ls1 go faster I have turned to bikes and am loving it. I have a heap of mates with bikes and am looking forward to touring around a bit through Victoria as I live in Mt Gambier which is just over the border. Through a lot of research I purchased a Honda CB400 2009 model and will be posting a few photos soon in my new ride forum. Do I have to be a member to post photos? I have tried but it didn't work. Or it might just be the size of photo. Anyhow I look forward to reading and maybe even posting in the forums. Cheers.

  2. Welcome to Netrider! The CB400 is a pretty good looking bike - Congrat's. :D
  3. Congrats and welcome! When I read your heading S.A. newbee, I thought South African newbee! That's exactly how South Africa is abbreviated! I was obviously wrong! I'm from Johannesburg and moved to Australia in 2008. This is a great biking country, in many ways.
  4. Welcome to riding and to NR. Nice bike as well. I was thinking of getting it but then decided on a Yamaha VXS650A (V-Star Custom).
  5. welcome to Netrider :)

    to post pictures, go to 'Go Advanced' and click on the little paper clip in the top row

    browse to the file you want and wait till the dialogue says the upload is complete then close the window

    Although many of us are now running big/huge monitors, the standard for picture size is still 1024x678
  6. It goes alright too. Welcome to the forummm
  7. Mine's bigger than yours :p :D

    Welcome to the forum Dunyesti :D
  8. Welcome to NR. CB 400 is an awesome bike. You'll find a number of us on here with one. Great to have you on board.