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(S.A.) Hidden Speed Cameras in the Hills

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by KevS, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. What a bastard, got a rather unpleasant surprise in the mail today, Bloody speed camera fine, got done by a hidden speed camera at 9.00 a.m. Sunday morning 31/12/06, at Biggs Flat,I had to look up Biggs Flat its half way between Mylor and Echunga, and its all 80k's through there and I was allegedly doing 113k's, fcuk fcuk fcuk, thats a $360.00 FINE, yer I know I shouldnt speed but fcuk I hate these hidden cameras, fcukin shits me as that area was all 100 k's and really 80k's is just bullshit in that area its pretty much straight road in that section, hopefully no one else was speeding through there on that morning, thats my Whinge over for now

  2. Was it an un-manned speed camera?

    Do you own a hammer?
  3. Ktulu, do you have a KSMA speed camera "maintenance" accessory?
  4. It's in my pants!!1!

  5. would love to but the shit thing is I didnt even fcukin see it
  6. Is it just me or do they aways place them in the same sort of places? Joke that here in Vic they do the whole "safety" cameras save lives crap but never seem to place them in the high accident zones. It's always at the bottom of a hill or in a straight stretch of road where the rosks/hazards are at the lowest and the chance of exceeding the limit is at the highest......

    I'm venting too now......
  7. you might be venting but you are spot on, they arent slowing us down if we dont even see the fcukers and then just get a fine a couple of weeks later
  8. feel yr pain. I'm yet to see actual statistical proof showing a correlation between speed cameras and a reduction in accidents in the areas in which they are installed.
    Exceeding the speed limit by 10-15% is fairly easy whether you're in a car or on a bike. Ride like a F*#king lunatic and you're no better than the losers that do it in cars but to suggest that cameras are anything other than a revenue collecting ploy is proof that the government really does think we are retards. God forbid they could take same of that revenue and actually use it to fill all those tank slapping holes in all of our roads....or replace all of those rider friendly crash barriers....
  9. Shows how much you were looking as by law they have to have a sign about 200m beyond the camera that alerts you to the fact you just went through a speed camera. This addresses the issue of not knowing about until it is too late. If you had seen the sign, then you would have shit yourself because you knew you would have been doing 33 over the limit through the camera. Would that make you slow down?
  10. That may be the case in NSW but here in S.A the new strategy is to hide them in the bush complete with Camo netting and no warning signs
  11. Hi Gegvasco, no such law down here for that! Rely on oncoming headlight flashes.
  12. I'm talking about Adelaide ie. OP.
  13. Are you sure? I'm not talking about 200m before the camera to warn you that it is ahead(like in NSW), I am talking about 200m after the camera so you aren't alerted until after they have caught you. They have always been allowed to conceal the camera itself but the sign was supposed to be unobstructed. There were a few contests against fines because the sign was obscured by parked cars. This was how it was for 10 years up until I left there a bit over a year ago.
  14. Shit, not mid-corner if you're going fast enough, I hope :shock:
  15. yep they have changed it, the new strategy is to fully hide the cameras in the bush up in the hills as the exposed cameras were not catching enough people as everyone was warning each other as soon as a camera was spotted
  16. Actually, in SA, they are allowed to hide them, camoflauge them, stick them up a tree in a bush behind a car, in a box or anywhere else that the reading is accurate... Then, the only notification that you HAVE to recieve is a letter in the mail saying we want your money. They don't even have to put a sign up afterwards alerting you to the fact that you just passed a speed camera, that is a curtosy as far as they are concerned. :evil:
  17. if cameras actuallys lowed you down.

    then the more un obstructed cameras placed around the roads the safer we would all drive?

    because we would all be warning each other.. and u slow down more so than usual for a longer period..


    so hide the cameras... make money no oen slows down

    dont hide camears, dont make as much money. but general public slows down?

    dam irish logic!
  18. Man the cops are running a muck up in the Hills, had to go to Goolwa on family visit today and went in the car with the family, we drove through the Hills and spotted two cameras between Stirling and Echunga, Biggs Flat had one again and then spotted the dreaded wheely bin camera just the other side of Ashbourne, thats four that I spotted, and doesnt count any really hidden ones I may have missed, and all were in 80km zone except the Wheely bin which was in the 100 zone and all were in spots for max revenue raising i.e. at the bottom of hills or towards the ends on straight sections, bastards
  19. Is there anyone lurking, to leap to the wheelie bin's defence should someone happen to, say hypothetically, inadvertently damage it beyond repair? :grin: Then set fire to it? :)

    Not necessarily the smart thing to do, but entirely possible none the less! :grin:
  20. Maybe there should be a fund set up to find and destroy the hidden cameras :shock: Where photo proof is then rewarded with a cash reward :grin: