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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by gavink, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. Hey lads. Just found the forum so I thought I would introduce myself. I have a zx10 fighter, ohlins front and rear, full exhaust, pc3 with lots of carbon and 160ish hp. She has me on time out for six months to "think about my actions"

  2. Have you spelt 'soup' incorrectly in the thread title? They're bastards on here for grammar and spelling.

    Welcome Gavin - let me know how you get on thinking about those actions............
  3. haha wel Im not that shape ay so I fink theyll luv me.

    2 weeks in and I deeply regret it already :(
  4. I did a 3 monther reduced to 6 weeks on appeal, i feel your pain.
    What year's the bike?
  5. yeah this isn't my first time out, I was lucky to only get the 6 months.
    its a 08.
  6. welcome aboard:]
  7. Welcome Gavink
  8. hey guys, the little bubble down the bottom keeps telling me to say hello....hello....i'm sure I have posted this before thou. anyway, I'm in Townsville north Queensland and I run these fcuking streets!!! haha kidding, hit me up if u wanta go for a squirt
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  9. Long way to go for a leak dunno if I could hold it for that long :p. Welcome to NR gavinkgavink
  10. Welcome to NR. Too far for me to catch up for a ride, but have fun.
  11. Welcome mate :D
  12. Welcome to NR