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Ryde to Hunter Valley "L" plater

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Bonzee, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. Hey guys

    I have a ride from Ryde to Hunter Valley this weekend and im trying to figure out the best route given my situation.
    I am still an L plater and im still not 100% sure on the rules of L & P platers riding on motorways.
    I can understand that 90km/h on a 110km/h motorway could be a problem.

    So for that reason does anyone have any insight in taking the Pacific Highway instead of the motorway to Hunter Valley?
    Also is it illegal for L & P platers to ride on motorways?
  2. It's not illegal to ride on the motorways.
    For learners and P1 riders, any multi-lane road that has a speed limit of 80km/h or above, you must keep left and stay in the left hand lane.
    Basically lots of people will just overtake you. If they do, just remain calm, leave them some room, and slow down if you think they're cutting in a bit close.

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  3. KimberleyKimberley Thanks for the info!
    Thats exactly the answer i was hoping for :)
    I honestly thought that 90km/h would be to slow to be allowed on the motorways. I guess not.
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  4. Why would you take the motorway anyway?
    Going up the old pacific highway, then to Somersby, Bucketty, Wollombi is a really nice ride, and you can carry on to all sorts of nice roads from there.
    The motorway is torture in my opinion, so boring, but if you insist, Kimberley's advice is great.
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  5. You can get to the Hunter on a freeway? You can go the way Kurtz describes or alternatively up the Putty Road and head to Broke then Cessnock or wherever it is you're planning to end up.
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  6. The highway isn't that bad on your learners. Just stick in the left hand lane. Everybody will overtake you. Just be careful with trucks cutting it kinda close when going past you. Also wear as much gear as you can. Ive found myself getting super cold on the highway without my neck sock
  7. What day/time are you riding - I may be able to join you to provide some safety buffer between you and other traffic.
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  8. Why not avoid the F3 by going via Putty Rd. It is a beautiful ride. I guess it depends where in the hunter valley you want to end up.

    Old pacific highway works as well but it's very slow.

    Alternatively you just go 100 and keep your eyes out for police. That way no trucks overtake you and you're still within 10 kph of the legal limit.

    Your call :)
  9. And when you get stung at 10km/h over kiss your licence goodbye. Very dumb advice
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  10. ^^^^ That should have been an 'agree', but i was laughing when I went to do the rating
  11. KurtzKurtz I agree with you. I dont particularly want to take the motorway...i would rather the scenic route..thats what riding is all about for me. It was the idea of my friend whos riding with me. She has an unrestricted licence.
    Old pacific highway sounds the go to me!

    BanzaiEliseBanzaiElise Yeah we are taking the putty road home! I hear so many good things about that way.

    AndrewCAndrewC Agreed!! Ill be layering up for sure. Im not afraid of the motorway, i just dont want to lose my licence hehe but word is its legal!

    WombleWomble That is incredibly thoughtful of you but i have no idea what time we are leaving. Hopefully Saturday morning some time. Appreciate that though!

    edward_medward_m Actually the highway reaches up to 110 these days! Not all the way but some of it.
    Doing putty on the way home.