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Ryan's VTR250

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by ryana89, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. I've been lurking here long enough, thought it about time to start a wee thread on my bike/experience so far.

    After getting a rather sudden urge to ride and own a bike, I came to this forum, read, read then read some more and decided on a VTR250.

    And with what feels like a short amount of time, I got myself L's, a bike, my gear and passed Q-ride.

    The pride and joy (squid-mobil)

    2005 VTR250, which, from what I can tell, was maintained very well by the PO.

    Once I find someone to ride with Ill grab some better pics.
    Just daily duties for the moment, but enjoying it more with every ride.

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  2. Well done, a very nice ride, though it looks like your rego has expired!

    It also looks like you've got some serious wet-weather tyres on there, too. Come from a wet area?
  3. Nice one, good job :)
  4. It came from Toowoomba (dry area?) but they're new.
    Acutally I just put that rego sticker on haha.

    Thank-you :D
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  5. Very nice :)
  6. congrats n welcome, those vtr's are a nice bike, like the color too
  7. congrats mate and awesome bike choice :) I love my...our... doh ...my girlfriends VTR... they're a bunch of fun to ride and very easy!
  8. Congrats.

    Where in Qld are you?
  9. Welcome to NR!

    Nice bike. If I hadn't gone the cruiser route, this would have been my choice. Still might be my second bike.... if I can get away with it :)
  10. nice looking bike love the colour
  11. Thank-you fellows, every that's been said on here is true about these bikes, great beginner/commuter.

    Woop, better update my profile, I live in Hervey Bay.

  12. Good choice, and great colour.
  13. Well, it was inevitable,

    Got a pipe made up by Ken at Megacycle Eng.

    The sound is phenomenal compared to the stock, sewing machine sound.

    Also got some of these to 'replace' the pretty dismal standard indicator bulbs (just rear atm)


    LED left, incandescent right.

  14. keep the stock exhaust for RWC, LEDS are noticably brighter, good work :)
  15. how much did the pipe cost if you dont mind?
  16. And where did you get the LEDS?
  17. Definatly will, although it could be fun reattaching it.

    They start at $425 and go up from there depending on metal(Ally, SS, CF) and shape (AFAIA for my bike)

    The place that will send you broke, eBay
    *Click me*
  18. Nice bike mate. My dad and I just bought bikes and he got a black VTR250 with a staintune exhaust. You can hear the bike from a mile away and it actually sounds really nice for a 250. It's got a good low rumble to it.

  19. Welcome aboard nice ride
  20. Got most of my first 'big' job done on the VTR.... valve clearances.

    Have never adjusted valves before (bless hydraulic lifters) but thought it about time,

    Trials spec

    Did the rear cylinder first as I thought it was going to be the hardest.
    Greeted by 250 spec valves, they're tiny!

    NOPE, wrong, front cylinder requires removal of thermostat housing and everything around/above it.


    Was a bit annoyed after that so had a break and cleaned up the valve covers.
    The amount of soot in the PCV system was horrid!

    All clean :)

    And as we are now, just need to put it all back together.

    Before it goes back together any reccomendations on things to do/check?

    Valves are specced at,
    Ex- 0.22mm +- .03
    In - 0.17mm +- .03
    Coolant will be flushed/changed.