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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by vladpp, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Went for roadworthy today. Among the couple of things i need replaced on my bike are new brake pads and the circlip that holds the gear shifter in place, witch is reasonable. However i also need a new front disc because one of the two is 0.04 mm under the legal limit.

    Now my problem is, 1987 grey import. I found one on British eBay.


    but im not sure how many arms and legs shipping would cost, if the seller is considers it. Can anybody help me find one on this side of the planet?

    Or is there any chance a disc from another bike would fit?
  2. Plan B,
    Does anybody know any "liberal" rwc tester in the chelsea/carum/frankston area?
  3. http://www.metalgear.com.au/part_disc.asp?partno=21.003

    We bought a Metal Gear replacement front for the R65 and it was very well done. Might be worth contacting them to see what they can do. Because the disc on the airheads is riveted to the carrier the complete old assembly had to be sent to them and returned with the new one fitted.

    Might be worth contacting them to see what you can get.
  4. Try Dandy Motorcycles 9793 3758. They're also a metalgear reseller.
  5. 0.04mm??? zero point zero four mill??? That's ONE THOU!!!

    The tolerance on measurements for RWC is one tenth not one hundredth.

    If he'd road tested the bike and warmed up the brakes they'de be more than that over the minimum.

    When I do RWC's I use another micrometer if it's that close to borderline. The difference is amazing.

    He's being picky. I'd talk to VicRoads.
  6. I'm trying to buy the rotor from the guy in England, exept ebay is giving me crap about him setting a restriction on people not living in his area, so now i have to wait for him to wake up and make it work.

    In the mean time, how to i get the brake calipers off. I can see the two bolts, I've got the right spaner, but their seized up real tight and i don't want to shear the bolt. Is there any magic trick to this?


    I already broke my ratchet trying to get it out.

  7. Undersize is undersize. Remember that a RW is valid for 30 days. I would not give a RWC in this case. If I were caught it would cost the business many thousands and me my job.
  8. It's not undersize at a measurement of .00 when the OEM spec only requires .0

    It is on the minimum and on the minimum is not a cause for rejection.

    Go back and read VSI 26.

    Rest assured you will be far more likely to lose your Vehicle Testers Licence through overzealous or extortionate testing than by being fair and using your discretion.
  9. I am officially the ultimate n00b.

    I finally managed to get one of the brake calipers off allowing me to remove the front wheel. Witch is good. While in the process of removing the brake disk, i noticed that it only has 5 bolts, witch is bad as the dick i just ordered from ebay has 6 holes. fcuk.

    So now i should has a completely useless $120 piece of metal coming in the mail any day now.

    I'm gonna go visit the wreckers tomorrow and try my luck.
  10. Went to the wreckers, they had two disc's. I guess somebody must have had a crash recently. One of them was thinner than mine, the other was just barely larger.

    They said that my disc should pass and that they do rwc. So i bought a new battery and rear pads of them, and I'm waiting on the front pads as they were out.
  11. Went to get road worthy (different place), this time, BOTH discs got knocked back as one was undersized and both were warped. Also the chain + sprokets needs to be replaced (WHHHHYYYYYY :( ). AND, the bearing that hold the rear spring to the swing arm needs to be changed. The guy said roughly $1100 for parts and labour.

    So i`m going to do the labour myself. Do you guys recomend any place where i can get new discs. I don't really care if their oem or not.
  12. I think someone has already recommended Metal Gear discs.

    Oh hang on, it was me. :LOL:
  13. Metal Gear doesn't seem to have them.
  14. Planet Disc's + Google.
  15. I do RWC's in NSW and i have never measured the disc, i just check that they work ok while on the road test.

    U cant fail a car for having worn brakes as long as they work ok on the test.

    I would assume it is the same for bikes, and therefore he cant fail u for worn brakes, as long as they work ok.

    If i was RWC your bike i would not measure the disc, just make sure they work.
  16. If the first guy was that pedantic to pin you for one thou on the disk and did not pick up any of the above then i think the second tester is taking you for a ride...
  17. I bought second hand discs from the wrecker, they are just over the legal limit. Also new chain + sprockets and foot peg. I traded in the disc i ordered from the UK (witch i later found out was from a different model) and got all the parts i needed for $200.

    After taking the swing arm off i noticed one of the bearings that connect to the shock absorber is seized. I doubt they would cost much.

    I haven't had much luck taking the front sprocket out, unless anybody recommends otherwise I'll rent a air impact wrench on the weekend and give that a try.

    The first guy gave it a quick look over for free, while the second guy did an actual road worthy that i had to pay for.

    Anyway it should be done soon (knock on wood). I'd rather not go to these guys again. Is there anybody on this forum that is a qualified mechanic, around Patterson Lakes (around is a loose term, im happy to ride it for 50k's if i have too).
  18. In Victoria, all brake discs must be measured to ensure they are above the manufacturers minimum thickness allowance. Pad material must also have a specified amount.
  19. Disc aside, getting a mechanic to have a quick look over to save yourself the expense of two tests, then going somewhere else is poor form in my book.
  20. To clarify.

    I went to the first mechanic, at Frankston Yamaha. He said that hes leaving on holidays for two weeks and wont be able to do a full inspection as at the time he was the only person qualified to do a rwc, but offered to do a quick look over seeing i was already there.

    The look over involved pretty much checking that all the lights worked and measured the brake disks.

    The effort on his part was minimal anyway and if i was in a position to do a full test there prior to knowing the discs were shot, i would've.

    However i've purchased most of my riding gear from them so it evens out.


    To get the bike fixed i took it to Mick Hone Motorcycles who are a Suzuki dealer and they could order the parts, also one of my mechanically minded friends lived nearby so we did most of the grunt work saving a couple of $$$.

    But now its in good shape (knock on wood) and on the road.