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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by n1ck, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. hey guys.. another noob question to entertain you people :D .. Do you still need a road worthy certificate if buy the used bike from a dealer?.. I'm just calculating how much money i will need to get my first bike and actually running in the street, i.e. regos, rwc, any other costs? gear already put in mind. any experienced riders out there wanna tell me the approximate final costs to get the bike running in the street legally, if say i get a used Honda Spada?

    thanx :)

  2. If its from a bike shop they will supply the RWC from memory . As long as your buying it with rego.
  3. wot 'e said
  4. When I bought my bike it was unregistered (had been at the dealer for a long while) so they registered it, which required an RWC, then I transferred the rego to my name. To the best of my knowledge, whether the seller is private or a dealership, if the bike is going to be ridden on the roads, it is required to be sold with RWC.
  5. private sales dont have to be sold with a RWC - Dealers do however - even if its unregistered -unless its being wrecked or intertraded

    For purposes of sale the pinkslip expires after 3months

    For purposes of registration renewal it expires after 28 days, so you can actually end up with a pinkslip that is valid for the dealer to sell on with, but not valid for you to use for re-registration purposes.

    Just dont forget u got ur transfer fees too at the RTA - your prolly looking at around 3% of sale price there and your meant to transfer rego within 2 weeks.
  6. And also don't forget that, if you don't do that within the specified period, 2 weeks, they charge you and extra $83.00.
  7. FYI in NSW it's not actually called an RWC it is called a Blue Slip
  8. Yeh, almost makes you wonder what the bureaucrats were thinking doesn't it?

    Blue slip
    Pink Slip
    Green Slip

    Underwear fetish???

    Or were they just worried that something might slip through their fingers???
  9. Road worthy's are worth as much as the paper they are written . Bikes , probably are a little better than cars . When i buy , regardless if it comes with a road worthy , i get my own done by some i know . To many shoddy dealers out there .
  10. thanx so much for the replies guys.. How much do the blue slip costs anyway?.. you see, the other day i was talking to my uncle bout the bikes i'm about to buy and my budget. Then my uncle informed me that with my budget i can only get the bike itself, and probably will not have enough to get the bike running on the road as there will be other costs attached to buying a second hand bike. I asked him what they were and he said he wasn't sure. that's where i thought you nice friendly people could help :).. I'm really confused right now! I have a $3500 budget for my first bike (which most probably be a Honda Spada) but then again there's a posibility that i would over budget and wouldn't be able to ride the bike in the roads.. (Why do they make it so difficult! why can't it be just buy bikes and go ride! hehe dat be cool)..
    What other costs do i have to put in mind? how much will they cost?.. and one other thing, Blue slip or RWC are to make sure that your bike is working properly and safe to be ridden on the road, right? what are pink slips and green slips?..

    Thanx again guys, you people have helped me so much!! thanx :)
  11. pinkslip = a RWC for vehicles that have been registered within the last 3 months

    blueslip- a RWC for vehicles that have been unregistered for 3months or more (or for engine changes etc)

    greenslip = your compulsary 3rd party insurance.

    A bike you buy from a dealer would usually be registered so all you would have to do is spend 10 minutes signing stuff, and ride away - paying your transfer fees at the RTA within 2 weeks and thats it.

    Remembering of course that a pinkslip or blueslip will be supplied by the dealer, but if the bike is registered, ur not gunna need it (The RTA may ask to sight the document tho)

    Once transfer is effected, the RTA will notify the relevant CTP greenslip party with who the bikes policy is with about the change of ownership, and they will mail you out crap
  12. or anything still registered in another state and you want to transfer it.

    $27-50 for blue slip in nsw, less for pink.

    blue is mostly about prior registration and ownership, in addition to mechanical items listed by pink
  13. You must get a pink slip when you renew your rego, if the bike is more then 3 years old. approx $18

    If it has been out of rego for more then 3 months you need a blue slip instead. $28

    You will need a green slip. This depends on the bike, person and location, etc
    $250 - $650.

    You will have to pay for rego, tax and stamp duty. This is about $300.

    You will need at least to get 3rd party, property damage insurance. Similar scale to the Green slip.

    Then on top of that I would count on about $500 worth of immediate repairs/maintnenace, depending on the age of the bike and a further $500 in the first 12 months, once again depending on the age and k's.

    This is becasue people tend to not maintain their bikes well in the period before they sell them.

    So you can see why a bike with rego is worth so much more.