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VIC RWC / Transfer of ownership

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Gallant, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. First of all apologies to the mods if this is the wrong forum for the question.

    I have recently purchased a bike on the 19/08/14. The RWC was done on 24/07/14.
    Due to my lack of diligence, I only realized that VicRoads will not be open on Sat.

    Would I be able to still do the transfer even if the RWC would have already passed 24/08/14 or just going by the sales date?

    I did sent a message out to Streetmaster for some advise. He advised that on the VicRoad website, it just says the RWC has to be within 30days of the date of sale and the buyer (me) has to lodge the transfer papers within 14 days.

    Going by the website, should i take the chance? If not, what are my options?

    Posting here to hear more advise and views.

    Thank you Streetmaster once again for your advise
  2. Thank you Justus, apologies once again
  3. u would need a new rwc that all cheers bazz
  4. Roger, Would it be illegal for me to ride to the workshop to do the RWC on monday if the actual expires on the 24/08/14?
  5. u will have to get permit from vic roads to ride an unregistered bike to get an rwc but u can ride an unregistered bike to vic roads for rego jump on vic roads web sight it all there under registration cheers bazz
  6. As Bazz21 said, but if it's still registered you have nothing to worry about.
  7. Yup, it is registered. Guess i just have to redo the RWC. Least i dont have to worry about being illegal on the roads.

    Thank you for all your advises!
  8. Vicroads have updated their website, so it no longer functions (pages not found), though I do remember reading something to the effect of that the RWC needs to be valid at the time of sale, but can still be transferred up to three months after its expiry.

    The phrase popped up in the blurb after the search item, but link to the page failed.

    Here is the blurb from google search:

    "Jul 1, 2014 - A registered vehicle must be sold with a Certificate of Roadworthiness(RWC). You can still transfer registration up to 3 months after it expires."

    no harm in asking them about it.

    I could be (and often am) wrong.
  9. I would walk into Victoads Monday morning with all the paperwork and money to do the transfer....
    they can either process the transfer or be clunts and knock u back....if its the first option you win and if its the second your no worse off...
  10. Just an update, walked into Vicroads today with all the paperwork. Done the transfer. No new RWC needed! thanks all for the advises!
  11. So the rest of the day after that was a breeze....well done..(y)
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  12. thats awesome
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