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RWC requirement

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by doop, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. hi guys , just sold my DRZ 250 with rwc but im still to get the certificate check.. i was pretty sure it would pass.. (08 model 8000kms) with perhaps a new rear tyre. now its sold im wondering if chain and sprockets are a RWC requirement..

    managed to find a list via google search..

    wheels, tyres
    steering and suspension
    brake performance
    lamps, signals, reflectors
    exhaust and emission controls
    body and chassis
    engine and driveline
    other items

    anyone know if it is? what would be considered unroadworthy? and what chain & sprockets cost these days??
  2. Chain dragging on the ground won't look good and, depending on how picky the examiner is, obviously hooked teeth on the rear sprocket might get picked up. Front sprocket is generally hidden so, as long as it's not grinding and clunking, shouldn't matter. Otherwise I can't think of much that would warrant a fail.
  3. thnx m8
  4. Oh yeah, one other thing. It's not so much an issue these days with advances in chain technology, but if the chain is joined with a spring-clip type split link, if the clip's the wrong way round (closed end must face in direction of chain travel) or missing altogether :eek:, that's going to be (quite rightly) an instant fail.
  5. Also - chain guard must be fitted securely and in good condition
  6. cheers guys.. it passed nicely yesterday.. appears that dirt bike sprockets can start out as pointy rather than the tooth shape i was thinking of on sports bikes.. $150 for a rwc now! i must be getting old.