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RWC questions! [all states]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Dobz, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. Just wondering if i need to put all my fairings on for a road worthy? I'm pretty new to riding and would rather leave my front side ones off(FZR250)!

    Also my bike at the moment has no pillion seat. Do i need to get one for a road worthy? I wont need it as i'm on my L's anyway :p

    Also does anyone know a good place near Templestowe to get a RWC and a tyre fitted?


  2. It needs to be a complete bike.
  3. Thanks vic.

    I better go get a pillion seat!
  4. The bike has to be complete ... but do you have a cover for where the pillion seat normally goes?? I don't think you actually need to have a 'seat' as such.
    As for the fairings, pretty sure that they don't have to be on. There are heaps of street registered 'fighters' going around without fairings, but best to go to the mechanics and ask.
  5. If you can get a cover instead of having a pillion seat do it. Cheaper rego!
  6. If the bike was originally sold as a two seater, then you need to get a "machinery" stamp to officially "convert" it to a single seater.
  7. :shock: shit! Last time I use THAT guy! Thanks for the heads up - I would've been none the wiser!
  8. that only applies in QLD, In Vic it makes no difference if it's a 1 or 2 seater :)
  9. Same here in ACT, and I think in NSW. Weird rule that one...
  10. It is a wierd rule... would it have anything to do with the CTP? (ie: cheaper when only reg for one seat so only one person is generally on the bike and a little more for two seats incase the pillion is injured as well?)

    Note: Qld CTP is tied up with the rego. Is that the same for all states, or just Qld?
  11. Single seat is cheaper in Qld. My last rego payment was $189.10 (for 12mths including CTP). I think its closer to $300 for a two seater.