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RWC Pitbike

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by davey_charlie, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. This time last year i had my fzr stolen out of my garage without any insurance, and since then ive wanted to get back on a bike.
    I saw a guy in carlton last week cruzing around on what looked like an rwc pitbike. Had lights and indicators, aswell as a number plate
    looked like a cool idea, guess its similar to riding a scooter, except looks more fun.
    I have a 125cc pitbike, what would it have to go through to get rwc?
    I know it has to have all the lights (head, tail, indicators), but what happens when it comes to the compliance plate and batteries?

  2. You won't get an uncomplianced pit bike complianced. Not for less than a decent road bike would cost you anyway.

    There have been one or two outfits who've had the particular pit bikes they sell complianced. The one you saw was probably one of those (assuming it really was legit).
  3. thanks, yeah it looked legit it was sitting on the footpath about 50 meters away from the carlton police station
  4. motovert rx125

    i was going to buy one but they are too slow without mods 80ish top speed and then there's the fact that it looks just wrong, sure 100% legal, but it's going to be a pain in the arse explaining that to the 4 different cops that pull you over every time you ride it

    looks like awesome fun though

    last i checked fx racing were doing them for $3300 ride away
  5. And if you're just desperate to get back on the road for minimal coin, there's an awful lot out there for $3k that isn't a Chinese pit bike.
  6. yeah it would just be like riding a scooter, but for 3k plus its not really worth it i guess. i really want to get another bike but that kind of money doesn't come to me easily so guess my only mode of 2 wheel transport is going to be on a pushy.
    i wish the cops would find mine in one piece i would be a very happy man!
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  8. clicky

  9. i just got back from a holiday on the gold coast and there was heaps of these things around up there.
    maybe look on ebay or contact some bike hire places up there see if you can get one cheap ish.

    might not be the most reliable thing going around but hey better than a pushy.

    best of luck on finding the fzr mate.. remembered the thread from awhile ago
  10. oh and instead of spending 3k+ on a pit bike, just get a cbr125 for a little less coin than that(give you mine for $2800 lol. even a postie is onlly a grand and a bit
  11. saw one of these in geelong, the guy was at the lights going straight, the lights went green he went as fast as he could towards the foot path, hit it at a decent speed, got air, hooned down the sidewalk and turned into a side street. looked like alot of fun, but for 3.3k.... yeah much rather get a real bike.