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RWC Lemon

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by dusty, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. Hi all, Noob with a few questions about RWC rights etc.
    Bought a 2nd hand 250 which came with a RWC..
    Got an experienced rider of a friend to take it for a ride and give it the once over. All looked ok, no leaks or obvious major damage to the bike, nice clean bike.
    Bring it back home and due to leg injury couldn't take it for a spin for a week or so, so thought I'd just start it up in garage in the meantime.
    Sat on it the next day and just thought I'd start it up which it did ok and let it run for a minute or 2.
    Day 3, try to start, all I get is buzz from junction box. Maybe flat battery, so stick it on a recharger overnight.
    Day 4, battery seems to be at good level but now there is a puddle of oil under the bike. Wasn't able to get it to mechanic for a few days but was basically dropping a decent pool of oil each night/day.
    Have taken it to a bike mechanic who will give it the once over tomorrow (Tues)..
    So questions are if he finds a significant $ of problems with it:
    a) I can just take back to the RWC Licenced tester to get fixed?
    b) will the RWC tester most likely just patch up the faults?
    c) thought I'd have a look at the RWC tester place and appears to just be a generic vehicle tester (not a bike place) which doesn't give me a lot of confidence in any repairs they do.
    d) should I just get my mechanic to fix the problem.
    thanks in advance for any comments.

  2. You should have a copy of the RWC right? This will show you have done vitually no kilometers since RW check was done. Mention to the testing joint that Vicroads may be interested as to why it has mysteriously started leaking oil & see what sort of reaction you get :LOL: :LOL: Battery problems -you're on your own there.
  3. Thing is that when the tester ran the motor there was no oil leak. That's it, he can't do more than that.

    He can only report that the thing was not leaking at the time of test. That the gasket or whatever is causing the leak is leaking now, is IMO your problem, or the bugger that sold it to you if you can get to him.

    This is one of the arguements against RWC testing each yr. It might be ok at the time of test but 2 min later it might not be. Some people put on correct tyres and after test put on racing slicks and modified exhaust. No longer roadworthy. etc etc.

    I would simply se where it comes from and stop it. If it is a gasket, and you can't pull the whole lot open, you might be able to loosen it and force some good gasket shit in and retighten. Also it might just be a loose bolt or something.