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RWC in the West

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Saspotato, May 26, 2014.

  1. What is the average cost of a RWC? I've been quoted around $180, which seems very expensive.

    Also anyone got any recommendations for places in the West? The Vicroads website is rubbish and a few places I found online said they can't do it any more because the law has changed. I read a recommendation here Raceway Suzuki but they can't fit it in until Wednesday and I'd really like it done this afternoon. Another place says they need a full day for it. I didn't think it was a very involved job?

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  2. Thanks, I tried JMS in Sunshine but no answer, I left a message at about 9 I think but have not heard back.

    I ended up booking it with Slip Stream in Sunbury for $99! I have found them good in the past with parts and so on, but didn't realise they did RWC too or I would have called there first.
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  3. Cool !! Glad you found someone !!!
  4. Harrison Motorcycles in Melton - $110
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  5. Thanks, but I got it done today, turn around time was fast and only $99 :)
  6. No Prob, For anyone else who may read the thread, they will have another option. Nice to know Sunbury can do it too. I might have to check them out.
  7. What!! You were in town today? Glad Shane sorted you out, reasonable price too(y) I once had an RWC done here, was a bit dearer though: http://www.sunburyexhaust.com.au/services.html
  8. Yes well I've bought a bunch of parts from them as well and their prices have always been very good for those too. Have no idea why one place wanted to charge me $180 and tell me it takes all day!
  9. Oh just replied before I saw your post Ned, yep Shane sorted it out, didn't realise there was another place in Sunbury too, not been there. The Vicroads website didn't list half of the places I found!

    I've moved closer to the city now, not in Gisborne anymore but think I'll keep using Slipstream as it wasn't far to get home. Actually it was my fiance who took it there whilst I was at work but I had to go collect him to give him a back pack for the parts he bought :)
  10. Yeah, 180 bucks, what a joke:rolleyes: I remember the days when the charge was $17!! All day??? Mmm...

    I'm wondering if the backpack was full of goodies for your bike, how is the beast going anyway? Hope to catch up with you and soon-to-be hubby for a cruise in the future:)
  11. No, all goodies for his bike :-( Yes I haven't been doing much fun riding lately - all commuting so would be good to get out for a ride soon on my new bike!