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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by amoore46, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. gday, just wondering it any1 knows what the deal in SA is with road worthy certificates...im looking at buying a bike from SA ( i live in VIC) and want the seller to provide a RWC... i had a quick look on the transport SA website but from what i gathered they dont need a RWC when the register a vehicle. so no to sure what the go is.

  2. RWC doesn't exist is SA.

    And thank f*** for that too.

    Leave the bike registered in SA and save yourself a bunch of headaches.
  3. No RWC's at all in SA, which accounts for all of the rusted out, smoky, leaky, unsafe, old banger cars on the roads here.
  4. Bloody hell! You'd think they'd have some sort of system for checking safety of vehicles when registered!
  5. They do. It's called Regency. It's a place where they turn modified cars upside down and will find everything wrong with your car.

    It's a bugger unless you've travelled less than 50km since buying your brand new car/bike. As I've heard from my SA friends.

    In Vic, the RWC is pretty much a way to protect the buyer. Even then, a RWC (for cars) is just a sign that the indicators work. For bikes it can get harder with disc thickness having to meet specs, even if it's fine.

    In Vic, there is no way of making sure registered cars stay in Roadworthy condition, such as annual checks. Only the cops and insurance regulate that, (also EPA, Vicroads to a lesser extent).

    I don't think you can keep the bike registered in SA unless you have an SA licence (I could be wrong). So do your own roadworthy check on the bike (discs, indicators, etc) and go crazy..
  6. yes, we do.
    A vehicle CANNOT be registered unless it passes through Regency Park, which is the Govt Inspection facility. my dad had to take his triumph through there when he bought it, as he was changing it from a WA registration to an SA registration.

    Once a vehicle is registered, there is no requirement that you take it back to renew your rego, you just send your money to Transport SA once a year (or once every 3 months) and your vehicle stays registered.


    our cops are pedantic on vehicle checks. We don't have a RWC because our police are constantly our defecting vehicles. My brother's been defected several times. A cop will pull over someone with a broken tail light or bald tyres and will then give their car a throrough workout. if they think it's defectable, they slap a sticker on you and you have to take it through Regency, who give the entire car/bike the whole workout.

    so while we don't have RWC, yes our cops are on the ball with defects.

    If you want to buy a bike from SA, if it's registered it means it's roadworthy here. But I recommend getting the RAA to go over the bike for you.

  7. Not neccessarily, yes, you go to the vhicle inspection to get your rego transferred from another state to SA rego. The inspector checks VIN, engine numbers, LPG compliance plate (if fitted) etc etc. I have been through this process before. The inspector, at his discretion, may decide to pull you over the pits for a full roadworthy but it's not mandatory.

    To keep it SA registered, you will need and address for the garaging of the bike. I've had an SA registered car and kept my QLD licence. If you keep it SA rego and take it back to VIC then you will be breaking the law. In the event of an accident especially if someone is injured, you may find the CTP is null and void because of it.
  8. ah rite..well thanks for all your help, guess il just have to change the reg to VIC.youd think they could have a national system, but that would just b to easy.
  9. ah

    i thought it was mandatory, since every vehicle we've ever purchased from interstate had to go throught he full job...

  10. Whilst I've been waiting at Regency I've also seen others just go through the numbers check only. Mind you, they were all late model vehicles in good condition.