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VIC RWC guidelines/checklist available online somewhere?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ojay, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Hey

    bike was stolen and I cancelled reg. Bike was recovered and I now need to get an RWC but have a fender eliminator and a few other bits that are enough trouble to remove and replace with original parts that I'll only do it if I absolutely have to.

    Is there a support document available (I've googled and searched Vicroads to no avail) that gives these guidelines so I can evaluate myself before I take it in?

  2. You'll need a red reflector on the fender eliminator at least, even if you don't change back to original rear.
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  3. talk to luke or kat the owners of sixty degrees motorcycles in nottinghill. great people cheap rwc. google sixty degree
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  4. Uh, yeah except for the bit where it's a car on the cover and in the content.

    Thanks for the post regardless.
  5. You'll find, if you read it, mention of motorcycles in there (windscreen wipers, mudguards etc). So the assumption is that the general principle applies.
  6. Thanks, I appreciate that to be the case but I'm guessing you might appreciate it may well be inadequate to my needs regardless. If the document does not exist in the wild that's fine (and it may well be the case), but that's the doc I'm after.
  7. You'll have to ask a RWC tester for their spec sheet that being the case.
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  8. You may be right on that.