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RWC costs and providers?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by FriendlyFire, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. So I'm new to Melbourne and will be needing an RWC pretty soon. The Vicroads website is terribly unhelpful at saying where you can get your bike RWCed and how much those places cost (This list only tells you where RWCs are done, not if they're bike specific.)

    Is it safe to assume any bike workshop will do an RWC inspection?
    Are the car places in the above list also required to do motorcycle RWCs and, if so, do they have any idea what they're doing?
    Any ideas on range of costs?


  2. Where in Melbourne? It's a pretty big place...then someone can recommend you some places close to your vicinity.

    Raceway Suzuki in Niddrie (9351 0055) and 60 Degrees in Clayton (9562 6603) both do RWC.
  3. RWC is simply a prescribed "check-list" which must be performed.
    Whether said check-list is performed or not is another question.
    As the customer all you need to register the bike is the WRC stamped by a licensed inspector/tester.

    The cert will cost you ~$100 + any labour and parts (if required)

    Hope this is the answer you were looking for
  4. So it is! I'm in Preston/Kingsbury, near La Trobe uni.

    It's seriously a hundred dollars? In Brisbane there was a guy who comes to you for that amount.
  5. I paid $65 I think at Raceway Suzuki
  6. I paid about $90 for my last one from Ace Motorcycle Wreckers on Bell St (not far from you).
  7. To answer my own question, I contacted a few.
    Among them was Urban Moto in Brunswick who wanted $150 (?!).
    I ended up going to Ace like jack_1313 suggested, and they charged $88 and were quite helpful sourcing the part I needed to pass.
  8. Thread revival warning.. But relevant to people searching for a place to get a RWC

    Just did mine at engine fit on Nicholson Street in Brunswick East for $50. Thought it was a great price given everyone else I called wanted over $150, including all the suggested ones in this thread.
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  9. Thanks for the update.
    Need to get an RWC to complete sale of my bike and was searching for where to look (y)
  10. Yep, just called around. Will book it in at Engine Fit as they only want $50.
    Raceway Suzuki in Niddrie want $130... Why such a discrepancy in pricing?

    Oh well...
  11. I was under the impression that a RWC was a set price by the Govt, no matter who did the RWC,
  12. No, the charge is up to the business doing the RWC. Depends on hourly rate etc I guess
  13. Thanks for that info,
    Must keep up with the changes, All my cars are now Classics, To me they are just every day cars and work trucks, Hahahaha

    Shows how often I get RWC"s,
  14. It will end up being $55 inc GST.

    I might have walked in on a bad day, but they had to be the crankiest lot of employees I have ever seen.

    if you end up needing something done, Intyre Motorcycles is a few hundered meters further along on Nicholson Street. Found that pretty handy actually as they turned out to be pretty decent mechanics.

  15. Yep. They sounded a bit off on the phone, but still, for ~$100 difference im happy to put up with a bit of crankiness (tbh, my dad will be taking it in anyway while im at work :p).

    Im pretty sure the bike is fine for RWC, hopefully it'll be simple enough :)
  16. Someone once told me it used to be $17-50 (for a car at least) regardless of how long the inspection took, long time ago though. I've found $88 to be the most common price these days.
  17. Quick update.. my dad has taken the bike down to Engine Fit to get the RWC as im at work. They must have been a little busy so he's gone for a walk while he waits.
    I just got a call from them saying they can't start the bike... never had an issue in my life with the bike, and still believe their is no issue, but they can't start the bike.
    The guy i spoke to on the phone is a cranky SOB, i wanted to punch him in the face over the phone, he didn't want to hear what i had to say, just gave me the number of a mechanic to call and tell to go see them.

    I've called my dad to quickly head back down and show them wtf they are doing wrong (if anything), he said he rocked up and switched the key to off... shouldn't be too hard to get it started again.

    Anyways... gives me a heap of confidence in them doing the RWC now... will give another update when i hear back.
  18. Danco, Ultratune on Keilor rd charge $100 for RWC..
  19. ...kill switch accidentally hit to off position?
  20. Haha Rob, nah that was the first thing i told them to check.
    By the time my dad got back they had the seat off and were testing the battery...
    I don't know what's going on, but he's had to push the bike 500m down the road to the nearest bike mechanic and will be waiting a few hours before the mechanic can look at it.

    It's a bit out of my hands at the moment, i just feel very suss that i've never had an issue with the bike, then leave it with this place for 5 minutes and the bike is dead.

    Thanks Goddie, $100 is much cheaper than the $130-150 i had been getting quoted, but this EngineFit place was asking $55, so that's where it was going... well that's where it was until my dad had to push it down to the mechanic... ](*,)