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RWC advice please

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by mukki, Mar 30, 2014.

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    Hi all, please excuse my newbie questions but I am in the process of getting a used R6 registered and in the process of getting RWC for it and looking for some advice to pass first go if possible.

    I am putting back the OEM front indicators on it as it currently has tinted streamline ones. The rear ones are aftermarket small clear bulb ones too but I do not have the originals for them.

    The pillion foot pegs have been removed, do I need to put them back on? Only issue there is the exhaust brace mounted to the right side where the peg used to be.

    The bike has an aftermarket exhaust that appears to be heat shrinked to the pipe. I think this is my biggest WRC concern as I have no idea how to take it off to fit the stock one back on.

    Would also like some opinion on the tyres also. They don't appear to be standard road tires, then again its all new to me.

    Everything else on the bike is in great condition as far as I can tell.

    How do I upload pics for you guys to see?


    Also any recommended RWC places in the SE clayton dingley area would be much appreciated. thanks
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    dude never buy a vehicle unless it has a road worthy cert or you know what you are doing, too late now I suppose though. take it to a bike shop ask them to road worthy it then fix any problems that show up

    oh yeah a big hello to you 2

    I think there is some motor bike shops on the internets
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  3. I would leave everything as it is until the blue slip guy knocks u back. Then change things. Plenty of places I have been to will let u get away with an aftermarket exhaust
  4. is this the same as I said?
  5. The easiest way to upload pics, IMHO, is to load them onto something like Photobucket, then copy and paste the link into the reply box.
  6. @Uncle Greg@Uncle Greg yeah should have known better. and thanks for the welcome. looking forward to learning some things here.

    Photobucket did the trick thanks. Looks like i can't post pics up till a day or so, so I'll probably take the advice and bring it into a workshop tomorrow and know for sure what needs to be replaced, hopefully not the exhaust :]
  7. Not sure if the R6 and R1 indicators are compatible, but if they are, i have a spare set you can have for your RWC.
  8. It shouldn't be so bad getting a RWC because you have just bought the bike, they will probably only pick the major things. If you were selling it though, you would be picked for everything.
  9. i can honestly recommend Mad Biker (Brett) in Ferntree Gully....has always been completely fair & honest with RWC dealings in the past.
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    Thanks James, do you mean the rears? Will definitely take you up on the offer if they think it needs to be replaced.

    I'm hoping that would be the case funky. Has anyone dealt with 60degrees motorcycles in notting hill Melb or Dynobike in moorabbin? Will give it a second crack tonight at posting some pics up

    thanks mike, i'll check him out. not 100% confident with the bike yet. still getting used to the clutch extra height (short rider) and weight, beautiful ride though.

    Ok here are pics of the exhaust and other bits. The exhaust is my main concern. as you can see the bracket takes up a pillion peg mount, and its heat wrapped to the pipe so I can't just unbolt it to fit the OEM on. Any suggestions? Should I
    (a) get the mech to somehow take the wrap off (no guarantee if its not welded underneath)
    (b) buy a second hand exhaust manifold or
    (c) find some sort of silencer or a stray cat to stuff into it :]



    apparently i can buy a baffle for this thing. does anyone know a race fit reseller in australia? This might get me over the RWC line :]

    has anyone bought from these guys before? AUSFR
  11. +1 for Brett at Madbiker. He's done roadworthys for us. He's straight (they have to be with RWCs these days) but can find a way around most problems.
  12. Madbiker and 60 degrees are both excellent
  13. thanks guys. booked with 60D. Not 100% comfortable with the bike yet to ride down to Brett :]

    Theres another guy just around the corner from me called Starcycle in clayton. Has anyone had any experience with him?

  14. I have just had my Kawasaki RWC done by 60 Degrees, they are sound guys there although they did fail the bike on exhaust noise, but it was over 110 Decibels when the max should be 94.

    they gave me a week to fix the problem without incurring an extra charge, they also recommended Ken from Megacycles in Sommerville to sort out the problem with having no baffles at all.

    I would recommend 60 degrees and most definitely Ken at Mega cycles for your exhaust, and tell him Paul with the VN said Hi.