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Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Quo Vadas, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. Picked up new RVF400 last week after some twat P plater hit my other one 4 weeks ago and wrote it off.
    It's a 1994 model with everything original except for the new carbon Megacycle exhaust that I just put on. Such a sweet, raspy growl of a note emits from the beasty V4 engine.
    New tyres, sprocket, chain, rotars, head stem bearings and fork seals have been put on and I'm doing valve clearances and balancing the carbs this week to compliment the total fluid replacement that I did on the weekend.
    So into these bikes as they handle and sound sooo good. Can't wait to head to the hills this weekend...............


  2. looks great.....would love one as a trakie!!
  3. sweet mate, I'll be looking at a vfr400 at first opportunity.
  4. Nice, I like it. If I had the money, I'd buy another VFR/RVF400 as a road bike.

    By the way, where did you get your exhaust from? Mine is currently bent and was looking for a replacement...new or used...only for a track bike.
  5. I was shocked at how much power those bikes pulled for a LAM's bike. I did not think they actually went so well, and had as much power as they have.

    It’s a really clean bike as well, If you don’t mind me asking how many KM's are on it?

    From the photos its looks like a really good buy, Congratulations.

  6. Got the muffler from Megacycle exhausts in Keysborough. The owner, Ken, used to race 400's so he knows them like the back of his hand and the exhaust he makes for the 400 is suited perfectly for the bike. Great exhuast note and Ken is a wealth of information on these bikes. I ended up chatting to him for nearly an hour when I picked up my muffler and he also has a dyno at the workshop.
  7. The bike has just on 34000 k's on it. All parts are original as I checked them all out when inspectring the bike and I really don't care about the k's as long as the bike runs solid and the body etc is in good condition. I feel much better about buying a bike with the 34000 as it is slightly more realistic that the bike has done these as opposed to bikes of the same era which have 15000 on them.
  8. I got an RVF as well. And they do handle extremely well. That one looks awesome. I might have to contact that fella about an exhaust once I get mine sorted.....
  9. Can completely recommend ken at megacycle also. Had him do a custom cut down oval can which has one of the best end notes i've ever heard. (Check youtube vid above for a listen)

    check out: www.megacycle.com.au

    Nice guy, and you do end up staying for a while, and he can sort you out on the day, at least he did for me and the RVF.
  10. shmick rvf mate, looks real clean. when i first started looking at rvf's i liked the new tyga kits but the original style fairings realy grew on me.

    especialy in the original colour scheme, they look hot in the white, red & blue. maybe just swap the rear cowling with a tyga one or other new style.

    i would love to get one but the prices are crazy. if i had to do 3 yrs i would get one but for 1.5 yrs don't know if its worth it. if i found one for the right price i would mos def get one.

    how much did you pick it up for? & from where (private or dealer) if you don't mind saying?

    a vid would be awesome to see it in action.

    how can you tell if the fairings are original or cheap knock offs?
  11. word on the street is that you can pick them up in as good as condition as this fine example for around $6200. just gotta get your haggling boots on and wave some cash in their face.

    if they are asking $7000, they will probably accept alot less, and if it needs anything, service, tires, rwc etc. you could probably take 6-700 off the asking price.

    most of these owners are learners aswell, so they probably think their bike is worth as much as they paid for it, when in reality, its probably worth a few hundred less.

  12. I have seen only a couple of RVF's with the original scheme bodykit put on a Tyga/600rr tail. I think the bike looks great just the way it is and keeping it original pays homage to the way the bike is supposed to look. I leave the schmik bodykit for when I buy a more current style bike.

    I picked it up for $6200 from a dealer but it was through a mate who works there - he actually left the week after I bought the bike. He helped me out in choosing it from an importer and then wacked on all the new bits for me which saved me a bundle (even got 12 months reg on it too). If you look hard enough and also know someone in the biz you can get them at a good price and in excellent condition. There are a few on bikesales which I was looking at that have been on there for a while. Some people ask stupid prices for them but you can ask a stupid price if the market dictates it.
    The fairings are stamped by Honda and have the specific color code imprinted on the inside. I have also taken the fairing off and the line up perfectly and went back on without a hitch. Tyga do a kit for the RVF but it has their brandname plastered all over it.
  13. I wouldn't worry to much about the km's it's done, my RVF400 has done 53,000 and is still going strong. Just make sure they are serviced regularly
    My husband also has one with the original fairings and an exhust from Ken in Keysborough he has also had it dyno tuned at it's putting out 65hp
    You are going to love this bike, have fun
  14. Km's mean nothing really on a second hand bike so as long as it runs well, all is good.
    Did you end up selling your CBR??
  15. Rubbish!

    All it says is RCV on the side.
  16. yeah ok - but from looking at the stock kit you've linked too I cant see the tyga logo anywhere? Maybe I'm missing something?
  17. It's on the duct/tank cover part and from memory I have seen the logo on the bottom part of the fairings.
  18. Agreed. I have the RCV fairings on my RVF and it says Tyga no where.

    My RVF is also up for sale atm.... 28,000kms, Megacycle can, Tyga carbon exhasut stay and metre cover, clear led indicators..... PM me for more details.
    It's on Bikesales i haven't had a chance to put it up on here yet.

    Congrats on the purchase too Quo!
  19. Getting rid of it already?