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  1. so it's come that time and i officially sold my skyline today. so i've been looking at lams bikes in qld.

    and after looking at the usualy cb400-gs500 etc decided i want something that's a bit less of a commuter, so i'm looking at rvf400's
    do many people here have them?

    i'm most concerned about service costs as i've keep hearing they are high, just wondering why this is? and is the normal servicing somehow out of the range of a mechanical minded person?

    also will i fit, i'm about 6"1 and right now 120kg, still got another 10kg to lose though so i'll be around 110 in a couple months.

    cheers for any help, stephen

  2. It's a full fairing bike with a v four engine, (& possibly mechanical cam drive?) so it'll be probably 30 mins work just to get to the engine, & then when you get there, it'll be cramped & hard to work on. Means more labour cost. Don't know about parts, probably standard honda pricing. No reason you couldn't do it your self, except it will be hard & may require some special tools

    Still, probably cheaper than a Ducati to service though!

    IMHO one of the nicest looking LAMS bikes, I hear it goes much better than any other LAMS bike too.:wink:
  3. They cost an absolute fortune just to own one, with those blow hards at Sumoto still pricing them up with the stars. So don't expect the private market to be that much cheaper.

    Then you get to a 400cc V4, with gear driven cams. Great little engine, except its more cramped and complicated than even the micro machines found in the 250cc four pot screamers.

    Perhaps something a little less costly would make sense as a first bike?
  4. Do they have LAMS in QLD now?
  5. Do a search. It has been well established they are a over rated PoS.
  6. Really? I thought it was the CBR250RRRRRRRRR model that was a POS.

  7. They will from 1 July.
  8. Nuh-UH! I reckon they're sensational little bikes. They punch well above their weight and handle like a dream. As for how much they sell for... That's another issue.
  9. Don’t let Rorin (Or any one he has smoked through the twisties) hear you talking like that… You’ll get a smack in the gob for that sort of blasphemy
  10. They've gotten more reasonable recently. Probably due to LAMS etc.

    But those RVF400's are much more expensive. What learner spends 11k on a first bike :shock:
  11. mmm? I wonder what the commonality is?
  12. If you mean most of them are slapped together by Sumoto, then I would agree, especially about the price.

    (Or are you just out to insult all the Honda riders?:LOL: )

    From everything I've heard about the RVF it's agreat bike, Sumotos influence aside. :grin:
  13. I'm just in one of those moods.
  14. I have to disagree, the one I rode went very well. Power wise felt only fractionally slower than my old SV650s, and in reality if the rvf is tuned its only a 5-10hp difference. Felt very planted too.
  15. The naysayers are old and/or jealous. Buy one, they're a fun bike.
  17. Damn it my piss-o-metre just FAILED :LOL:
  18. They are still quite small, and with the (tyga?) kit on em, they look brilliant. Cant comment on performance, but I believe they are the fastest LAMS bike available.

    Just too expensive. Sounds like you want the quickest, which sounds like as soon as you can you will be upgrading anyway, so whats the point in blowing a massive amount of money on a 2nd hand beginner bike? The year will go quicker than you think :)

    QLD LAMS comes in 1st July me thinks.
  19. Cool McGool.
  20. CBR 250 is not nearly the fastest LAMS bike available. I'm guessing thats what you mean when your referencing tyga. RVF's another story.