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RVF400 vs New 659 Monster

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Suds, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, so this is my first post here on netrider.

    I've been riding for about 6 months now and have recently been whacked with a 3 month on the spot suspension, I have decided to use this time to sell my current bike a 2010 VTR250 and look for either a 1996 RVF400 with a tyga fairing kit or the new ducati 659 monster. The reason I am leaning towards one of these bikes is A. The Ducati is in my opinion, a bigger badder version of my current VTR, I really like the styling on the ducati and do like naked bikes, as for B. My mate rides an RVF and I love the feel of the bike, its nice and low with a sporty seating position which I believe is hard to find for a 6ft+ rider, and looks badass.

    The main reason i want to upgrade is I'm sick of having to plan ahead 30 seconds to overtake a corolla on the m7, I don't want a weapon just a bit more power and a bigger framed bike, if anyone has any info or is a previous rider of similiar bikes such as the 696 that can go into a bit more detail with either of these bikes that would be great, cheers!

  2. Considered the CB400? Naked, newer than the RVF with pretty decent poke.
  3. I definitely have, the seating position is a little upright for my liking though, like the vtr, I even have flat dragbars with a slight pullback and still don't like it. I'm definitely much more comfortable on a sportier bike.
  4. These are very different bikes. One a 20 year old 4 cylinder and the other a new 2 cylinder. You probably need to work out what your priorities are on Reliability, Purchase Price, Torque vs Power, Maintenance costs, Parts availability.
  5. It really depends on what your personal prefs are, each bike appeals to a different personality. I have a RVF with the tyga kit, and I loved it, I still use it for certain occasions and it thrills me every time I get on it, the power curve of the v4 is nuts for 400. But they are pricey for an older bike, however they are bullet proof.

    PM if you want to ask anything specific as I dont lurk no here much at the moment.
  6. Thanks for all the replies fellas! I am leaning slightly more toward the monster as it is a nice new bike, the availability on parts is great and I can't get over its looks, the pricetag is a bit hefty though. There's a place in Sydney that rent them out to learner riders, and was considering getting one for the day when I'm off my suspension, so that will probably make most of the difference in the final decision, Although I love the power of the rvf, being able to easily pop it up in second just due to the power is hella fun. Cheers!
  7. Well as mentioned above, depends if money plays a big role. Not sure what the price difference is, but the RVF is an expensive bike for it's age...however they are great and are, as mentioned, bullet proof. However when they do break down...they can be a nightmare...especially when parts are not readily available locally and if they are, they will cost you dearly. I found it cheaper to buy stuff from the UK and get sent over.

    Can't say much about the Ducati since I have no experience...but it is a new bike so can't see much going wrong with it.
  8. The RVF will piss off from the non-LAMS Monster, forget the LAMS one...
  9. one of the guys in sunny melb bought a new monster down, lovely white pearlish color very nice bike