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RVF400 quetions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Chicken Tikka Masala, May 30, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone.

    First time posting here (apart from the introduction). Please forgive me if I ask stupid questions, I'm just a total n00b and trying my best to avoid getting burns and lemons.

    I'm in the market looking for a RVF400 - having ridden one before (off my almost brother in law), albeit it's a NC30 not quite a NC35. Coming over here I found that only the NC35 is LAMs and Red P approved, so yeah I guess that will do.

    I've done a bit of my homework and figured that the RVF's main issue would be electrics and rusty exhausts. Apart from that, never seen anything about the Vee 4, seems like they are built to last. Am I missing out anything here? Can somebody educate me on the matter of buying an used RVF400, here in Australia and what should I be looking for when I'm seeing a private/dealer specimen? I know that I should be seeing 400greybikes too, but I reckon bikes in the UK and in Australia are going to have some differences, at least.

    Thank you all for looking at my thread, even more so if you decide to reply - that would be much appreciated. Please have a nice day.
  2. Send the administrator of ozvfr.net an email asking to join the forum. There are a couple of guys there with NC30's who should be able to give you the low-down on what to look for. No point in looking for posts without joining: unless you're a member, you can't see anything.

    Anyway, being a Hoonda, it should be good quality. Being a V4, it should sound like an orgasm on two wheels (at least after you install an aftermarket muffler on it). (y)

    I like your choice of bike! :)
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  3. Exhausts get rusty, and if you live near the sea they get rusty quickly. Nothing you can do about that unless you are into self flagellation. The electrics are pure Honda. Utter rubbish. Best bet is to take it straight to a auto electrician and get a new harness made from scratch. And then burn the old one.

    It's probably been raced, that's the reality with these bikes. So it may burn a bit of oil. Mine had been raced, it also used a litre in bit over 1000km. Fuel consumption is also Honda, so more than it should be. Expect around 7l/100.

    The rvfs are super overpriced being the fastest lams bike available, vfrs are much cheaper. If you know your tools its far better to spanner them yourself because services are real expensive.

    Great fun to ride when the electrics aren't playing games. Not very comfortable. Very low bike (can't ride up gutters) and its handling prestige stems from that with a short trail and low centre of gravity, so it feels far lighter than it is - close to 200kg I believe. The induction noise is far louder than the exhaust, which is kinda annoying because it's an annoying sound.

    I would buy one again.
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  4. Definitely chuck out the rectifier/regulator and replace it with a MOSFET version: Honda RR's overheat and die. When (not "if") this happens, the best you can hope for is no output from the RR, giving you a flat battery, because the other way that they fail is that they don't regulate the voltage down, leading to fried electrics in various places.

    Check out wiremybike.com (if that doesn't work, google vfrness). They should have RR's and load reducing battery harnesses (the "VFRness") for the 400.

    For the rest of the harness, the advice that the guys on the VFR forums would probably give you is to unplug the electrical connectors, sand the terminals using modified fingernail emry boards, then put in some dielectric grease and reconnect them. It's likely to be a big job, but not as big as rewiring the bike. However, @Incontinentia@Incontinentia is right: if you want guaranteed trouble-free electrics, you'll need the harness to be upgraded by someone who knows what they're doing. Unfortunately, that's just the nature of Honda's harnesses: cheaped out.
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  5. Thank you all for helping me out :D It's much appreciated, I reckon I owe you lot a beer or two.

    I will definitely go through them and see it for myself. Will post of any progress as soon as I get mine done on the paperwork. Hopefully I'll be able to post mine up as a first time buying & n00b-friendly modification project for others who got bitten by RVF fever like me.
  6. My harness was completely shot when I got it. Random shorts and resistances all over the place. It's party piece was cutting all power mid corner.