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rvf400 nc30 and nc35 kits on tyga performace

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by rvf400nc30brad, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. http://tyga-performance.com/site/index.php?cPath=73_917

    this is a kit im looking into for my rvf400 nc30 but im unsure if it will fit, any opinions on it, to me it looks as if the front fairings around the lights won't fit my bike, so and opinions or help would be much appreciated thanks all

  2. If you have an RVF400 then it's a NC35. VFR's are NC30.
    The headlight mount may be different but I think that they will try to keep it simple that it fits relatively easy. Looks like a nice kit.
  3. As it says, it is the mounts they supply which differ. Should be fine.

    I like it a lot more than their previous fairing replacements acutally - but I still prefer the standard look. You can get the standard set in Rothmans Honda colours on eBay....I am so tempted.....

    Oh BTW the headlights are supplied through Tyga as well. They replace your standard lights.
  4. have a look at the pics in my profile of the tyga kit on mine... needed some tinkering to fir but all fine now
  5. I would so love to see if one of them would fit on my "big" VFR, just for fun.
  6. There are kits on ebay to replace almost any vfr's bodywork, however I've only ever seen the tyga "transformation" ones for the 400s.

    All the other ones are standard moulds with a different colour scheme.
    Still meant to be alright quality for the price, and then you'd have a spare body in case of emergency
  7. Yes, but, as you say, the "big" kits only replace like with like. I like the look of the Tyga kit, more modern and razor sharp. Would love to see what it looked like wrapped around my full-sized VFR.
  8. Yeah I know what you mean, but tyga is the only company I've ever seen that does different shaped kits for a particular model.

    Perhaps there is some measuring to be done to see if it can be adapted on there.

    I have seen 'streetfighters' fitted with OEM bodywork from a different model bike, so its just a matter of making adapters/brackets and such