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RVF400 Fuel Economy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bretto, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. Just got my valve clerances done, carby cleaned and bike tuned and she's now running like a dream. And saving me about 2 - 2.5L per 100km's. Now I can ride for longer without stops. Running at about 5.3l/100km's atm. Before service was running from 7.6L-8L. So now I have a range of 280km's instead of 187km's. 100km's more without having to stop! Gotta love it. So if your getting shit millage and having to stop every 200km's get it serviced.

    How many km's are other RVF400 riders gettin a tank?
  2. what were you getting before going to reserve, and what sort of riding do you do?
  3. Never hit reserve but I calculated how much I used 3 seperate times before the ride and once just before after service and got those figures. I do 'spirited' riding down GOR and backroads through deans marsh / winchelsea back to geelong. Probably the heaviest riding ive done so far.
  4. I've got a vfr and with easy riding it will get up to 240 before reserve, which is about 12-13L. When I'm pushing it hard that will drop to 160.
  5. Thats why I was suprised today. I was pushing hard and rode 130km's and used 7.88L. Never hit reserve yet still. I used to go to servo every 150km's but now will go 200 to 240 before then head to servo. All I know is im stoked I can ride further without having to fuel up.

    What fuel do you use? I use either BP or Caltex 91RON.
  6. PS the VFR has bigger carbies aswell hence probably use abit more fuel....?
  7. I was getting around 200klms on my RVF and that was after a major service although I did ride it pretty hard.
    I also put a Tyga tail on the bike which means that you can't access the fuel tap (I set it on reserve and then put the tail on the bike. That meant that I was pretty diligent in filling up the bike all the time every time it got around to 200klm. It always ran on reserve and the last thing I wanted was crap being sucked down the carbs.
  8. Mine used to get around 18km/l, down to 12km/l when sitting on 200km/h+ for extended times...that was on 98RON.
  9. yeh, i use 91 and use mobil or caltex preferably. when I got 160, the throttle was pretty much glued to the stop. that would have been about 8L/100k or 13km/L. 240 is sitting on highways for extended periods.
  10. Where do you guys get your 91? Most of the servos around here only stock E10 then 95 and 95 so I just put the 95 in. I thought they were phasing out entirely normal ULP with e10?
  11. mobil/7-11 still sells it, and sometimes caltex does.