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RVF400 fouled/dodgey plugs.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Bretto, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Bought a RVF400 from TeamMoto in Maroochydore Queensland 2 weeks ago and it finnaly arrived yesterday. Got it off the truck and it looked amazing. Few scratched on fairings but something I expected for a 16yr old bike.

    Anywho I went to start her up 3 times, didnt start so I used some choke a few times, still didnt start. At this point I was assuming air may have gotten into the line because of all the swashing about in the truck on transit down here.

    Then later that night cousin came around to give me a pushstart and after not starting but smelling heavily of fuel we came to the conclusion the plugs are flooded/fouled but couldnt get to the plugs.

    In the morning a family friend (ex mechanic) came around and helped me take the fairings off and get the plugs out and test the spark on the plugs and leads. The plugs were abit wet and their was abit of oil on one of the plugs (hopefully just because its been sitting for awhile and leaked through). Leads were fine but the plugs wernt sparking properly. 3 of the plugs were sparking from the central electrode to the side of the thread/casing and only 1 was sparking from the central to the ground electrode.

    So went to go get some plugs & quickly found out supercheap only stock car plugs. Then went to Peter Stevens geelong and they couldnt get them in until Tuesday which is when ive booked my bike in to them for a roadworthy. So then went to Bursons and they could get them in Monday.

    So now hoping the plugs will fix it. If not ill have to get a trailer and take it on down for its roadworthy and watch them charge me an arm and a leg to fit new plugs haha.

    Anyway anyone have any ideas as to what it could be if it isnt the plugs?

    Cheers , Brett.
  2. Unless your bike uses a really obscure plug, supercheap should have the plugs, I've never had any trouble with bike plugs from there with three different bikes...

    If it is a specialty plug, most bikes shops will have it, same prices as supercheap anyway usually.

    Can't help you out with anything more specific, except if the bike hasn't been run for a while, it could be a bit reluctant to start for a bit... (Did you try that plug in a different lead to make sure it was the plug?)

    Whack the new plugs in & try a push start, make sure your battery is fully charged as well.

    Good luck!
  3. The RVF has an odd ball plug fitted....and there about $120 for a set of four.
  4. Ouch. Super Iridium?
  5. Yeah odd plug. Went to bursons and they had to order them in. Tested All the plugs using the frame as a ground. One worked but the rest didn't ground through the ground electrode. But I'll chuck the new plugs in Monday and let you's know how it turns out. Cheers guys.
  6. Finnaly got the plugs today $120 later. Chucked new plugs in, connected radiator and all back up and she started straight up. :)
  7. hang on. They delivered you a bike that wouldn't start, and you weren't on the phone within ten minutes?
  8. I was on the phone to tell them but they dont have compulsary warranty in queensland. So I opted not to pay the $600 warranty for a year and instead only paid $120 for plugs to get her up and running.

    All in all RVF's with this many k's in victoria are going for around $9k so ive still saved a fair wod of cash :)
  9. do the terms "fit for purpose" and "merchantable quality" sound familiar. They can't say that the Trade Practices Act doesn't apply in Qld.
  10. As dazzler said, they still have to sell you a product that works. If it doesnt work you can drop it back at their door and demand your money back. You could probably chase them for the $120, but it would likely cost more than that.
  11. With all the transport back to qld and all and then finding another rvf for the money bought it theirs no point bickering over $120 :). If it was anything serious sure but new plugs and she's running a treat.
  12. thats good to hear.
  13. VFR/RVFs do tend to foul plugs quiet quickly...and yes the plugs are an odd size and cost about $25 each (if you source them overseas). I have 2 sets at home and one in the bike...going to give the old sets a good clean and hopefully they will work just as well.

    Good to hear you got it sorted...they are fun to ride :D.
  14. Im thinkin bout buyin the other set peter stevens ordered in so ive always got a set on hand to change over.

    Do you know if brembo do a brakes upgrade for rvf/vfr's. Or what a good combination of brade disc, pads & calipers are?
  15. Finally, use the correct fuel. Don't be fooled into thinking the Ultra styled 98RON fuels are the best. If your bike is not designed to use it, the additives may have negative consequences and foul your plugs.
  16. What ron rating should I use? Doesnt say anywhere on the bike..
  17. I just use normal 92RON...I have run 98RON before as well but never seen any difference (race bike, so economy isn't a problem) in regards to power gain. Haven't found any fouling of the plugs on either as well.
  18. If you're having trouble getting the little V4's started, don't wind them over for ages on the starter motor. First make sure the carbs are full of fuel, then remove the tank and airbox lid. Squirt something volatile down the venturies. Wax and grease remover, start ya bastard, brake cleaner all work. Hit the starter and she'll light right up. Your plugs will then live to see another day.
    For some strange reason, the little V4's are reluctant to fire after sitting any length of time. Trailer rides seem to make them take offence also. Trips in shipping containers seem to have the same effect. No idea why.
  19. I fixed the problem was just wonderin what ron rating to run :). Cheers anyway ill keep that in mind if she starts bein a jerk on tickover haha .